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BENEFITS OF BADMINTON | Badminton is growing at a rapid pace and fast becoming one of India’s favourite sports. With not much equipment or space required, the sport has picked up across ages. Recent success at the Olympics has also added weight to the popularity of the sport.

Popularity and other aspects aside, Badminton is the perfect sport for health enthusiasts and one heading in that direction. Have a look at the benefits of the sport below:

1) Fast paced weight-loss

Badminton is a dynamic sport which makes use of every possible muscle in the body. While the lower part function as you run to reach the shuttle, the upper body is stretched more than often in hitting the shuttle back to the opponent’s area.

One hour of Badminton helps in burning 480 Calories; the highest among all sports. Even running for the same time burns just half the calories. This speaks a lot about the impact of the sport on the body.

So for anyone looking at weight loss with fun, make Badminton a habit and you shall lose a minimum of 4 kg per month.

2) Helps in muscle toning and building physique

While the sport, on the whole, has rich weight loss benefits, every shot in the sport is an exercise in itself. So be it a smash, a drop or a regular return for that matter, they help in toning different muscles in the body. So in short, Badminton is a mini body-toning workout.

It might not give you six-pack abs but certainly can lay a foundation for the same while it tones your muscles and gives proper shape to the body.

3) Develops athleticism

 Gripping rallies, powerful smashes, reaching out for the shuttle and a jumping return. The fast-paced nature of the sport increases the speed, improves reflexes, thereby adding that level of athleticism in the body.

4) Improves Metabolism

Metabolism is a key attribute when it comes to maintaining weight and health. A body with a faster metabolism thrives in comparison to a body with lower metabolic rates.

Badminton helps in improving the cardio-pulmonary function which in layman terms means that it makes your body habitual of sweating naturally. The toxins leave the body through heavy sweating and make you feel light-headed and burden-free.

This also adds to faster digestion and helps the body maintain a better balance.

5) Improves concentration and intelligence

Badminton is the fastest sport and hence, you need to respond quickly. The fact that one needs to respond quickly, requires high levels of concentration and for someone who practices the sport rather regularly, it builds on its own and helps with a concentration in other avenues as well.

Also, the quickness of the sport and the fact that one needs to outfox the opponent keeps one on his toes and makes him think and act quicker, building higher levels of intelligence.

6) Helps reduce heart dieseases

Often the walls of our heart get clogged due to high levels of Cholesterol. Badminton strengthens the heart muscles and even people with pre-existing heart condition can benefit with proper medical supervision.

7) Improves strength

Playing Badminton helps in the growth of those cells which form bones and help in accumulating the calcium matrix which strengthens the overall physical appearance.

In addition, Badminton helps in working of the core muscles which build strength in the body.

8) Reduces risk of Diabetes

It can decrease the production of sugar by the liver and therefore can decrease fasting blood sugar. In fact, one study from the Diabetes Prevention Program found that exercise decreased the incidence of developing diabetes by 58% even better than medication.

9) Healthy Socializing

No matter if playing singles or doubles, Badminton is a sport that requires a partner(s). No matter if you play with a few friends once a week or are part of a club that visits other clubs to play and mix with other players, Badminton is physically and spiritually relaxing and helps you release work stress. Badminton is also a good way to meet friends and to socialize in a healthy way.

10) Reduces Hypertension

Reducing the effects of hypertension without medical drugs is a hassle as the patient becomes addicted to those drugs. Badminton lowers the blood pressure and produces chemicals which counter the drug’s addictive properties.

Phewww!! Too many right ? Why don’t you go ahead and start playing today!

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