What do you say to a guy who has a sack bag of flesh tied to his stomach? “Go to the Gym”.

What advice do you give to your colleague who wants to reduce weight? Instantly “Go to the Gym, Bruh!”

What do you say when your friend says he needs to get fit? “You need to check in to the Gym”

Gym! Gym! Gym! It’s the one answer to every fitness struggle that a human undergoes. What if there were no gyms? What if they go extinct tomorrow? One would never try to induce fitness?

What a sad life! Why can’t we put health into everything we do? We suggest you 10 simple ways through which you can turn healthy through practice without making your way into the gym.

Are you ready to take it?

1) Eat “Ghar-ka-khana”

Trying out new restaurants is one of the favourite hobbies for people today. Junk rules the world and Mummy’s Khana just gives you the allergies. But nothing can beat the awesomeness of “Ghar-ka-khana”. When your kidney fails, that’s where you get back to. Better late than never, so eat what mommy cooks and stay healthy. You could save a few pennies too!

Home cooked meal

Eating a healthy home-cooked meal is necessary

2) Do Yoga or Simple Stretches

Wake up. Find a calm space. Sit on the floor. Close your eyes and just meditate. It cleanses your mind and relieves all your stress. Practise doing few stretches every morning and you will never feel more at peace with yourself.

Yoga stretches

Spend some time to flex your muscles

3) Walk whenever you can

You don’t have to take your car/bike to the nearest supermarket located in the next street. Sometimes leave them alone. Even they need rest. Make good use of the feet that God has fit into you. Take a walk and burn some couch calories.

Take a walk

Walking reduces health risks

4) Stop taking in “Maida” foods frequently

We all have a separate place reserved in our heart and stomach for the most beloved “JUNK” food. Most of the junk foods are made of Maida. Be it Bread, Bun, Butter Naan or the lip-smacking Pizzas. These are highly indigestible foods and might harm your digestive system in the long run. Cut down on Maida and see your tummy dropping.

No to bread

Reduce your intake on Maida

5) Play your Favourite Sport

You should do this a lot more. Playing sports is one of the best ways to burn calories and could be considered as a good alternative to gyms. If you have no time for sports on weekdays, don’t forget you’ve got the weekends to help you out. If finding a sports venue is a huge task for you, then don’t worry. You can download the PLAYO app on your phone and browse through to find out the nearest sports venue. Nobody to play along with you? No worries. You can host matches on the app and wait for people to join your game.


Drag your folks up for a game of football

6) Ditch Beer and go for Wine

We all know what Mr. Dear Beer does to us. Beer gives us the easy tummy that we slogged for days to reduce. Instead go the “Wine-way”. It is also said that People who consumed Wine lived longer than people who consumed Beer. So if you can’t get rid of alcohol, always remember, you have Wine to the rescue.

red wine

Red wine has numerous benefits

7) No Smoking! Pretty Please.

Nobody wants to have burnt lungs, right? Then why do you put your health at risk? Smoking might look cool but your lungs don’t feel the same way as you do. Respect your air sac and give it some more time to survive.

No smoking

8) Let the Couch rest on its own, sometimes.

Everybody loves the couch but falling too much in love with it has its own risks. First risk is Obesity, which nobody wants to experience. And then comes the Heart disease, Diabetes and finally Death. You can google if you don’t seem to accept this.

couch potato

9) Get a Good Night’s Sleep. EVERY DAY!

Some people just say 6 hours of sleep is enough and If you sleep longer you don’t achieve big. But the fact is for a sound body and mind, you need to avail yourself at least 7-9 hours of sleep. The rest can wait!

Sleep tight

A good sleep is the best remedy

10) Love. Laugh. Live

The mantra to a happier and healthier life. Love what you do and people around you, Laugh your heart out and Live to the fullest.

Happiness to get fit


Little things do matter. Gyms are obviously great to get fit. But when you can do so much to change your life through the small things you do every day, why do you put your trust on 2 hours of intense work-out at a highly paid spot?

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