Well well! We’ve seen quite a lot of hotties already when it comes to Football. Be it Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, David Villa, Fernando Torres… Oh my! The list just keeps on going… But there is one star who has stolen the Super-Hero of Hollywood, the Evergreen James Bond-Look and could give Daniel Craig a run for his money. Guessed the player already? It’s none other than the Spanish Hot-Shot, Xabi Alonso.

Barney Stinson himself will be jealous if Xabi Alonso starred in “How I met your mother” and took over his wardrobe some day. What, Up!

Let’s take a look at some of the Stunning captures of Xabi Alonso in his dapper Suits a.k.a The James-Bond Look.

1)  So Who’s the Hottie? The Wifey or Me?

Xabi Alonso With this Wife

2) The Suit or The Man? Yo! It’s me, obviously…

Xabi posing for Mr.Porter

3) Coz I look cool that way!

Xabi Alonso in Suit

4) The Boss of Hugo Boss. Indeed!

Xabi Alonso in Hugo Boss

5) Only Xabi can look so sharp while sipping some coffee

Xabi Alonso during Madrid Derby

6) Pose-Click-Pose-Click

Xabi Alonso Posing

7) Whoooooshh! We are blown away already with that smile

Xabi Alonso adjusting his tie

8) Thunderball

xabi looking dapper in suit

9) The Spy who loved Football

Xabi Alonso

10) We’ve saved the best for last!

Xabi Alonso posing

Here’s wishing this Spanish Super-Hero a Very Happy Birthday! Hoping for him to star in a James-Bond Series some day!

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