It’s that time of the year again where we vow to let go of a bunch of all the crap we carried from last year and start afresh like you have never lived before. Wanna put up a Bucket list for the coming year? Then you are in the right place. We suggest you create one filled with loads of fun, tons of experiences and one that creates incredible moments for you. Get Sporty this new year with the 20 things we have listed for you.

1) Buy a Cycle and go on a Road Trip

It’s so cheesy when someone suggests you take your Car or your Enfield on a road trip. Why don’t you try something different and fun? Buy a Cycle today! Take it on a trip. I bet this will be your best experience ever.

2) Stop Running on a Treadmill

What did you do before Treadmills were invented? You played a sport! What’s stopping you today? You could as much calories you want by playing football, of course, more than what you lose on a treadmill. Moreover, running for a longer time on a treadmill hurts your knees.

If you have no company to play a sport with, then don’t wait. Just download the PLAYO app on your phone. Log in to the app and host matches on the go. You never have to worry about people to join your game anymore!

Running on treadmill

Image: Greatist

3) Run your first Marathon

You might not have the stamina to win a marathon or even complete it. But take the effort to participate in one if you haven’t. Before you could participate, do practise. Keep your body ready and then let your spirits fly high.

If you want to participate in a Marathon, look out for events on the PLAYO app and make your bookings online.

4) Have a Bucket-list of Adventure Sports

Trust me, having a list and ticking it off is one of the best feeling ever. That too when it involves something adventurous, you don’t have to ask for anything. So jot down your bucket-list of Adventure sports today.

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5) Cut down on Junk and Consume Healthy Food

Eating that favourite Burger at that spot you’ve been eyeing for a long time is no harm. But not always. You need to eat healthy to balance out all the unhealthy junk you’ve been eating for long. Always keep it sorted.

6) Learn to Play a New Sport

Wanted to play Basketball in school but you were too short to get into the team? It is never too late. Just go ahead, take the ball and pocket some shots. And you never know how good you might turn out to be with a little practice.

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Ping Pong for new year

Learn to play Table Tennis today

7) Sleep like a Child

I suggest you make this a priority. A long good sleep is the best medicine for any kind of stress. Booze might help but nothing will be ever better than sleep. Stop staying up late at night and hit the bed as early as possible.

Image: The Times

8) Experience the aura of watching your favourite Sport in a stadium

If you are a football fan and Manchester United is your favourite club, save a few pennies from your salary to travel to Old Trafford to catch your Heroes in action. You will never feel like getting out of the stadium.

9) Invent your own sport

You gotta be crazy ass sometimes. That’s how most of the sports were invented. Put your creative head to use and give the world a new sport to try. Who knows? It could go viral too.

Foot Darts

Foot Darts is a sport that combines Football and Darts

10) Spend time doing some easy stretches everyday

It won’t hurt to spend some time doing simple exercises. This relieves out the stress from your body and gives you a piece of mind. Yoga is the best way to clear your head and get some peace. Might help you with all the stress you garnered out of staring at the glaring computer screens for too long.

11) Don’t lift too much of weights

Why would you want to lift too many weights when you are already carrying yourself? There are a million ways to shed that extra fat from your body. So just skip the heavy metals.

12) Challenge your friend to a game

Your friend has been messing up with you too much of late? Wanna land a slap on his face? Wait wait wait! I think you should Challenge him on the field instead. Just pull him to the field and thrash him. Plus arrange someone to take pics of such embarrassments.

You can host matches on the Playo app. So don’t forget to tag your friend.

Challenge a friend

Image: Big Games’ Sports Buzz

13) Go on an adventure trip with a bunch of new folks

Adventure trips are a thing these days. Breathing fresh air away from all the work stress is a much needed affair. But always add a twist to the tale. Instead of going on a trip with your Chaddi-Buddies, go on a trip alone with a gang of absolute strangers and have a story to tell the whole world.

14) Take a break from work and go play

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – Yes, for sure. Kick out some boredom, drag your colleagues to the football or Tennis court and sweat it out. Playing sports together also helps in building good rapport within the team. You can find sports venues near your workplace as well from your seat. Don’t go looking around, look into the Playo app.

Roger federer playing sports in a suit


15) Ditch your bike/car and take a walk

Wanna contribute something to the mother earth? Save some fuel and help prevent pollution. And after all, taking a walk alone can help you learn more about yourself as you get some “Me-Time”.

a person walking down the street

Image: NPR

16) Make you Weekends about Sports

There are two kinds of people on weekends 1. The “Never wanna get out of the bed and get a long sleep” kind 2. The “I love to party” kind. Don’t be a part of both, be new… Be You. Go out and play your favourite sport.

17) Try and win a Sports contest

What are the odds of winning a sports contest? I know this is very tough, but why don’t you just try. May the Gods of Fortune turn in your favour. Nothing is so joyful than winning sports goodies or tickets out of a contest.

18) Don’t be a couch potato

Seriously Nooooo! Stop being a couch potato… I know it is such a warm place to be in. But once in a while you need to see the sun. Just put on your pants, grab your shoes and badminton racquet. Go sweat it out.

19) Stop giving excuses

What do most of us do when someone invites you for a game? Are you the one denying saying you’ve got work to do? Stop that right now. Go out and get yourself a good game.

No Excuses

20) Don’t be afraid to go that extra mile

This new year, do things that have scared you the most. Overcome your fears. Go wild and crazy. Get Sporty and have some fun. Because time once lost is lost forever. Water gives you the chills? Go Scuba diving! Height just drowns your excitement? Go Zip-lining! Live in the moment.

Go grab a pen and a note-pad now. It’s time to create your bucket list for the coming year. Make the most of what’s coming and never miss out on having fun. Get crazy, get weird, get fit and healthy. It’s about time that you had an adventurous story of your own.


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