Have you played Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Chess and Hockey?
Well, that’s not a question at all because it’s ringing an obvious ‘YES’ for most of us. Here’s a list of 3 other sports you would love to try just in case you haven’t given a shot at it.


Dipika Pallikal

Dipika Pallikal – First Indian woman squash player to be ranked in the top 10

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Often regarded as the ‘Sister Sport’ of Tennis, Squash evolved to become the “HEALTHIEST SPORT” in a recent survey conducted by the Forbes magazine. Squash is played indoors within a Four-walled Chamber. It is played in two formats: Singles and Doubles. A Squash Racquet (which is lighter than a tennis racquet) is used along with a soft rubber ball during the play.

squash in Bangalore

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If you are asking yourself, why this sport? Well, Squash involves both hands and legs with excellent agility. This provides sufficient workout for the cardiovascular system and improves concentration.



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Archery dates back to 10000-9000 BC when the Europeans used a Bow and an Arrow for hunting animals. During the 19th century, it evolved into a Modern sport. The best part about Archery is, it is played both competitively and for recreation purposes. It can be played as a team sport and as an individual sport. Archery adds a lot of fun to the outings and can be played in any weather. All you need is a bow, few arrows and a Target.


quidditch - game with broom sticks

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Ever heard of Quidditch? Oh yes, All thanks to Harry Potter for this sport. Quidditch involves two teams with players mounted on broomsticks. Just broomsticks and not ‘Flying’ ones. Each team consists of 7 players. A team involves Chasers, Keepers, Beaters and the Seeker. Chasers and Keepers are responsible for scoring. Beaters are meant to stop the Chasers from the opposition team into scoring. A Seeker is the one who usually ends the game by catching the snitch. So want to get a taste of Harry Potter? Here comes Quidditch to the rescue.

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