Sports like Football, Cricket, Hockey, and Basketball are popular and loved the world over. These activities put a person’s mental, physical, and emotional skills to the test and require constant dedication.

However, there are some ‘sports’ out there that don’t quite fit the bill. Some activities that simply cannot be included in the sports category, because, well, they aren’t sports! Here are a few.

1) Formula One Racing

Yes, Formula One racers need to be in good physical shape and must have the mental endurance to stick around for hundreds of laps.

But what was once a test of one’s driving skill has now been reduced to the fancy engineering skills of a well-funded team in the cockpit. I mean, seriously? The winning racer cannot be someone with great driving skills and a shitty car. So the car must go through a series of tests and procedures before it is deemed ready for the race. Might as well give the winning trophy to the team maintaining the car!

What’s really crazy is that in a few years, we’ll be able to enjoy driverless cars. If Formula One races continue to happen even after this, it would be really silly.

2) Lifesaving

This ‘sport’ was probably invented to rescue lifeguards from the constant boredom they have to endure. But nonetheless, it’s a sport! Lifesaving participants must go through a series of tasks or challenges that include rescuing mannequins, swimming through obstacle courses, and throwing and tugging rescue ropes.

weird sport lifesaving

I don’t know about you, but rescuing life-size dummies and giving them mouth to mouth doesn’t really seem like a sport to me. And technically, everyone except the winner has failed in saving a drowning victim, and that’s a lot of hypothetical blood on your hands.

Instead of dedicating a sport to the lifeguards, we can probably give them a nicer place to relax on the beach instead of that high lookout chair.

3) Judo

Wrestling, tackling, and flinging someone to the ground purely for sport seems a little, unorthodox. I mean sure, judo has its own charm. It involves rigorous mental and physical training and is an intense workout in its own right.

judo by two women

But dressing up in white, bathrobe-type clothes and tossing someone else to the ground as soon as the referee says ‘Go!’ just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that can be classified as a sport. And since when did martial arts become a part of sport?

4) Greyhound Racing

This is perhaps the most ludicrous ‘sport’ of the lot, as there are no humans involved in it. Isn’t that nuts?

greyhound racing

Train a greyhound (the fastest dog in the world) to chase a mechanical rabbit, and you’ve created a sport. How silly does that sound? Actually any sport that forces animals to do the bidding of a human is quite ridiculous.

Know Any More?

These are just 4 of the many activities out there that are claiming the title of being a sport. If you can think of any other phony sports out there, let us know in the comments!

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