Sports is one of the most dynamic forms of entertainment and is hence, a huge viewer binder.  With varied interest and passion comes love for different sports and while some have innovated and moved ahead with time to capture the imagination of the viewers, others have remained stagnant and found themselves chasing the others in the pack. Here’s a look at 5 Age-old Sports that have lost popularity with time and is among the sports on the decline:


A game for the rich, Golf already carved its own niche with the kind of people it targeted. Lengthy, less action, too hard, and a few more make it further complicated and less popular among the fans.

Rory McIlroy Playing Golf


Despite a few young golfers such as Rory McIlroy have carried on the baton from the likes of Tiger Woods, the sport has failed to grow among the masses and reach the kids.

The phenomenon isn’t just restricted to India but also the likes of America where the sport has seen a massive downfall.

 Formula 1

While F1 has all the ingredients of a thrilling sport with speed, turns, twists among others, the sport seems to be on a decline for reasons more than one.

Gone are the days when the brilliance of Michael Schumacher in the car made people go nuts about F1. The modern day racing is so mechanized that the prowess of drivers remain untested and hence, takes out one of the biggest phenomenon in sports.

Michael Schumacher in Ferrari

Image: Youtube

Another huge reason is the fact that F1 has failed to move to newer venues and circuits. While the circuits haven’t moved much, the technology has rapidly, leaving the viewers confused of new terms and happenings in the sport.


Boxing, one of the most popular Age-old sports at one point of time, ever since the evolution in its rules has found itself behind in the pecking order.

A new rule of scoring, inviting further scams, fixing and the viewers being unaware of the score until the end is one of the biggest reasons the sports is on a decline.

Turning Pro is the new fashion in the circuit but the sport overall has left a lot to be demanded off and has failed to move with time.

 Sepak Takraw

A mix of volleyball and football for the layman, Sepak Takraw is a sport that was seen to be a visual delight and something that could bind the spectators.

This Sport grew thick and fast but with limited viewership, fewer international tournaments and a no-entry into Olympics has seen the sport take a back seat while others have driven past the game that was once expected to be big and take the World by storm.


A sport that happens a good distance away from the others at Olympics, we already know how left out the Rowers feel from the real Olympic action.

Slow by nature, not shown for the full and one that doesn’t relate with most people, Rowing had always taken a back seat and seems to be pegging down further.

Australian rower in action at the Olympics

Image: Olympics

Rowing requires very specific requirements and one that is not easily accessible for many and no wonder why the sport has not grown too well. Probably if not for Olympics, it could be all doom for the game.


So which sport would you love to bring back to life over and again? Let us know in the comments.

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