Board games are totally and absolutely underrated! Believe me when I say this, places like Dice and Dine at Koramangala can seriously keep you occupied for hours! Its not just limited to popular games like UNO, Scrabble or Jenga (personally I’m not a fan of scrabble) there are a wide range of games that you absolutely must explore.

These work as fantastic gifting options as well, for this holiday season, here are a list of games that you can give to your younger cousins and friends to help boost the boardgames trend.

1) Abalone

Abalone is an award winning two-player strategy board game. Players are represented by marbles of opposing colours situated on a hexagonal patterned board with the objective being to push six of the opponent’s marbles off the edge of the board. I played this with my 8 year old cousin and lost; I also cried a little.

Abalone board games

2) Count Down

A word-building, vocabulary-building game that consists of two players. One player makes a word with the alphabets facing them and the other person cannot see the alphabets the idea is to make a difficult word of 4-8 letters, depending on age, vocabulary etc. for your opponent guess. The other player starts by guessing the alphabets, if it is right then it is turned around so that he can see the alphabet and using these hints try to guess the word. If you have a wrong guess then you get closer to drowning. Try to guess the right word before you get drowned.


3) Boggle

Boggle is a lot like Ruzzle (you can get this on your phone and its bloody addictive).

The player needs to attempt to make as many words as possible with the using a plastic grid of lettered dice, in a sequence of adjacent letters. Each player is provided with about three minutes. The twist here is that the adjacent letters or cubes must be at least three letters long and should be sequential. Yes this game is mind “BOGGLING”
Boggle board game

4) Pictionary

This is an all time family favourite! also the root cause for family fights. The beauty of this game is that you can personalise it to suit your audiences understanding and if you are terrible at drawing and are an absolute failure at the game, your inability will automatically become a conversation starter!

Pictionary board game

5) Cluedo

Cluedo is a murder mystery game for about three to six players. The objective of the game is to determine who murdered the games victim, where the crime took place and what weapon was used. Each player will assume the role one of the three or six suspects and attempt to deduce answers by moving around the game board, representing each room of the mansion and collecting clues about the circumstances that lead to the murder. Its a good way to practice before you play the escape room game ( MUST TRY!)

Cleudo board game



Let me tell you one thing that is common with my selection of games to my new found knowledge of it. They all fall under the age range of eight and above. Yes, my eight year old cousin educated me on it and he’s mighty proud. Try these out or gift it to your younger cousins but beware, they will master it in a couple of hours and they will go that extra mile to make you look stupid!

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