Winter being a healthy season, playing outdoors is a welcome step to enhance physical development and overall wellness.

There is nothing like scary winter, it is the best time to play and build oneself.

Think winter and chills start running down our spine. Warm clothes start wrapping around our body. Do we know that winter fresh air is much beneficial than the warm clothes? It is good for children as well as adults.

Then why not play outdoors in winter and build a happy and healthy you? There is nothing as such that one will catch a cold or flu while playing outside in this season.  

But if we look at the real picture, indoor germs and bacteria are the health beaters than the external atmosphere.

Let me bring forth to you a host of silver linings to be enjoyed while playing outdoors in winter:

  • FRESH AIR: As you step outside, winter welcomes you with fresh air a very necessary ingredient to stay healthy. While playing the chances of getting ill is minimized because we do not have to re-breathe the germs when indoors. This also strengthens the immune system of the weak as well as healthy.
  • INCREASE IN EXERCISE: This natural therapy of warmth, gets you close to nature and eliminates the need for warm clothes which at times might have germs and bacteria, affecting your health. Walking, running or enjoying the snow, puts our larger muscles to work and is instrumental in building our children’s motor skills.
  • BE ABLE TO COUNTER COLD WEATHER: When playing outdoors in winter, you get acclimatized to the cold condition and build a resistance power to counter it. It comes from the extra effort we put in.
  • HEALTHY VITAMIN D FOR STRONGER BONES: Being outdoors in a cold weather does not mean, you will be devoured of vitamin D. Instead you will benefit with the same nutrients as you enjoyed during the warmer days. So, step outside to grow strong at this time too.
  • YOU’LL GARNER MORE HAPPINESS: Playing in winter, outdoors adds more sweetness to your mood. It happens due to an extra amount of exercise you do to stay warm these days. This results in the production of endorphins for you to feel happy.


Having known the benefits of playing outdoors, would you still like to stay indoors? If not then pull up your socks to get charged.

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