Some of us sports enthusiasts like to get out there and do stuff instead of just sitting back with sports on TV and relaxing at home. For those fans, here’s a list of popular Indian sporting events you can participate in, as amateurs, in the 2018 calendar year.

#5 – Marathons

Admission is free for most marathons and they are a positive influence in the health and well-being of millions around the world.

Run a marathon

Participate in Marathons with your folks

From very popular races to those a bit obscure, there’s a long list of fun and exciting marathons from all across India. Here’s a list of Marathons in India that you shouldn’t miss:

6 Marathons That You Should Try Out At Least Once In India

You can keep looking out for marathons happening in your city on the PLAYO app. You can register for these marathons online and prepare to compete.

#4 – Cycling (Races and long distance Cyclothons)

Cycling might seem like a layman’s job but cyclothons are no mean feat. Cycling for a few miles might seem fun but nothing tests a person’s endurance like cycling can.


Grab a cycle today and register for a Cyclothon

And when done properly, can be beneficial for a long list of health-related reasons.

#3 – Running clubs/groups

They provide a great social network in an atmosphere that is supportive of your fitness goals, offering a variety of activities such as beginning running programs, regular group or training runs, distance training programs, organized racing teams, local events calendar, and much more to meet your running need.

A couple running

Be a part of a Running club

If you want to find a running club in your locality, please refer the following link:

Running Clubs of India

#2 – Amateur Badminton Tournaments

people playing badminton

Are you one of those people who cannot stop playing Badminton? Then what is stopping you from participating in an open badminton tournament? Let all the hard work you put into playing the sport come to life. Go ahead and register for one of the few Badminton tournaments happening in your city and tick it off your Bucket-list.

#1 – Open Chess Tournaments

While chess may not be incredibly “sporty” involving minimal physical effort, it requires monumental focus and mental strength. And best of all, it doesn’t have any physical requirements other than age, making it a truly “open-for-all” experience.

Chess tournaments

Get to be a part of Chess tournaments

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