We have all grown up watching our favorite Sports Personalities play the game they most love, all these years. Have you ever wondered what would happen if they had decided to walk in a different path, if not for the one they are in right now?

No? Let’s dig deep!

  1. And Roger Federer wins the Ballon d’Or for the 7th time!

When Roger Federer was a young lad, his football coach just gave him one option – either to attend training during weekdays or to quit. What if he had chosen Football over Tennis?
Instead of 7 Wimbledon titles, he would have had 7 Ballon d’Ors.

Meanwhile check out these 10 records of Federer you might not be aware of!


  1. Ab de Villiers tops the Billboard charts. Named the Best entertainer of the year.

Classy and a lot Sassy, AbD is a multi-talented legend. Just because he let the major part of his life slip into Cricket doesn’t mean this man cannot strum or hum a tune or two. Imagine his life without Cricket? No issues buddy! A Grammy would have rescued him.

We already have the clipping of his first recording. We don’t need a parallel universe to for AB to be a singing star!


  1. What a way to get to his 1st Century! Amazing square-cut from Usain Bolt…Quickest Century in History.

World’s fastest man has always had a thing for Cricket. All thanks to his cool dad who was a Cricket Freak. But Senior Bolt advised Usain to take up Track. Why Dadda why? What if Bolt was handed a Bat instead of a Baton? We could have seen a Lightening Centurion Bolt.

Usain Bolt if he played cricket

Image : newsfirst


  1. There goes Theo Walcott. Sprints his way to the first 100m Olympic Medal of his career.

40m in 4.42 seconds? Really? And he is an Arsenal Footballer! Do you believe this? But it is true. Put him on the track already. Go get the Olympic medal Theo! What are you waiting for?

Image : footy-boots
  1. Lewis Hamilton wins the Nobel Peace Prize for defending Animal Rights.

Lewis Hamilton with his dogs

Image : emirates247

My name is Lewis Hamilton. I am a Formula one Champion. I’ve got two beautiful dogs, Roscoe and Coco. They are my life. But I love all animals. I have a Tiger friend, Nicole. I’ve got a Lion cub named after me. What if I become an Animal Rights Advocate?

  1. Best Health-Chef/Nutritionist of the year! And the award goes tooooooo – Novak Djokovic!

Novak Djokovic gluten free diet

Image : foxsports

He maintains a Gluten-Free diet. Seriously, He does. He is not a fan of injuries. He is as fit as a fiddle. And if not for 11 Grand Slam titles, here we have our best Nutritionist, the Serbinator “Novak Djokovic”.

Did you think of any other Sportsperson while skimming through this article? Which one did you like the best, this Universe or the Parallel one? Haha! The comments section is all yours!


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