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5 Fitness Myths That You Believe To Be True

Fitness myths bothering you? Do you dream of an alpha body, a body that will cast a spell on others and make you confident? Do you covet a physique so perfect that people rhapsodise about it? Well, the millennials today are mindful of the importance of fitness and health and know a thing or two about it.  

Most people who try to be fit like to follow a meticulous routine. But often the method you follow does not yield the desired results. This can be because of the kind of fitness methods, and guidelines you follow are ambiguous, without no definite, reliable source or proof to back it up.

Studies show that a large chunk of fitness fanatics do not know why they are even following a particular fitness method. These results precisely highlight the state of existing fitness myths in the industry and how effective they have been in misleading fitness conscious people.

Hence, it is imperative to bust these fitness myths and follow the accurate beneficial methodology in your fitness approach. Always remember, your fitness approach needs to benefit you, not harm. In this blog, busted are the top 5 common fitness myths that do more harm than good. (Thank us later!)

#1. Sweating profusely leads to a good workout and yields better results.

Absolute myth. Sweating is never an indicator of an intensive or beneficial workout. Skin ducts are unique for everybody and release sweat in different amounts.

Sweating is a biological response of your body that only cools down the skin and controls the inner temperature of the body. A workout for 45 minutes or more merely to sweat more in the belief that you’ve had a great workout is frivolous.

Sweating more does not mean you’re burning more calories in your body; it has never been so. Realistically, shorter exercises ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes can substantially enhance your cardiovascular well-being.

Short and quick high-intensity workouts help you stay healthy and fit by burning more calories in less time. Research also shows that short and sharp high-intensity workouts aid in keeping your blood pressure in control.

#2. Only crunches will give you abs.

This, too, is a myth, a rather popular one that says only crunches can give you abs. The much-talked-about crunches only impact the superficial top layer muscles. Merely following this exercise routine will not help you in gaining abs. Nobody can quickly lose fat using spot reduction method. Hence, to get abs, it becomes essential to do other exercises in addition to crunches.

You will have to strengthen your entire abdominal area muscles that will give a pull reaction in the middle giving a flat and toned look. To get abs, it is also crucial for one to follow a proper diet. The main focus of an individual should be on their abdominal muscles, and that may require several kinds of exercise routines and not try to lose weight in one area only.

Abs workout requires you to work on your body around its entire core area like sides, middle, and back. You see it is not training abs; it’s about getting so shredded that your abs become visible. Good news, you already have those much-coveted 6 or 8 packs, they’re just hidden behind a thick layer of fat.

#3. Exercising on an empty stomach helps burn excess fat.

Well, not really. Your training bout should take an hour of sheer dedication to your fitness schedule. Persistence is the key to a healthy lifestyle. As the myth goes, working out on an empty stomach, with no nutrients will only make one your body draw energy from muscles. Consequently, you will end up losing muscle mass instead, which is of no benefit when you aim to lose fat or gain muscle.

Moreover, an empty stomach workout cannot guarantee top-level performance. A good workout can only happen if your body permits you and is comfortable for exhaustive activity; in other words, you must have sufficient nutrients present in your body that allow you to do high-intensity workouts.

#4. It would help if you could avoid eating egg yolks.

This one’s a biggie! Countless people have heard this false information and believed in it; they avoid eating egg yolk sticking only to eating egg whites. The analysis of the myth goes something like this – you must avoid egg yolks because they contain cholesterol. But in reality, egg yolks do not have any effect on an individual’s cholesterol unless you’ve fried the egg yolks in butter and are eating it with bacon.

Egg yolks help to reduce the bad cholesterol in your body and primarily contains substantial measures of vitamins and minerals. They also have a lot of protein but not as much as the egg white. The egg white is free from any fat, and this only leads to a spike in a person’s insulin level, making them feel starved and giving them impromptu hunger pangs.

#5. Sports drinks and shakes are good for fitness

Several people consider consuming shakes or sports drinks while working out. Well, this couldn’t be more erroneous. You need not a sports drink to re-hydrate yourself after an intensive workout. Most sports drinks, if not all, are a mere combination of sugar and water, which only appends to the fat levels.

Likewise, shakes are also only a combination of vitamin, colouring agents, and sugar. These drinks do not make you feel full and do not take up much volume in your stomach. Hence, it would help if you went for more protein and fibre-rich drinks which provide satisfaction, are rich in satiety and nutrients and are light to digest. This way, you will achieve a high metabolism rate and will feel more energetic post-workout.

When it comes to health, it is essential to know what you are doing, and if you are doing it right. People who believe in these myths are mistaken big-ly as they think their drills are more rewarding. But sadly, and unfortunately so, their efforts are in vain as the reality is far from these false perceptions. These myths are the very reason numerous people struggle in achieving their fitness goals and even desist training. 

Hence, it is crucial to shun fallacious beliefs and work towards a more clear-minded, equitable and healthier routine. By following the right workout method copulated with a healthy, planned diet, you can easily find yourself overall health improving.


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