5 Incredible Tips To Mix Up Your Tennis Serves

Tips To Mix Up Your Tennis Serves? In a sport like Tennis where service is not only the first stroke but the most important stroke, mixing it up is very essential.

This is because if you keep doing the same service over and over again, your opponent will be able to predict where the ball may be coming which will give them an advantage over you. 

If done correctly, a good service will keep you in the lead and will help you dominate over your opponent. Mixing up your service will also keep your opponent guessing and on their toes.

There are various factors that can help to vary your service.

Playing with these factors can help mix up your serves. These factors are:

#1. Placement:

In Tennis placement is key. If you can learn to place your service tactically, you can apply pressure on your opponent from the beginning. Placing your serve can also help you to make your opponents reach to places they are not comfortable doing which can result in an advantage to you. The key is to keep your opponent off position and take the opening as early as possible.

#2. Speed:

Speed is a factor that will really help you to mix up your service. The faster you serve the better it can be for you but this will not be effective if you do not place the service correctly.

Serving the same serve but at various speeds can be difficult for your opponent to read the ball.

Besides serving just slow with a spin, learn to do a flat but fast serve once in a way, as this will really throw off your opponent.

#3. Spin:

The spin serve in Tennis is used when you want to throw your opponent off guard. Even though a spin serve will travel slowly towards your opponent, it will create a bounce which will be difficult for the opponent to return accurately.

There are many types of spins serves in Tennis like Topspin, side spin and slice and the twist serve. All of them are effective and learning all will make you have more weapons in your bag.

#4. Stance:

The stance may not be as effective as the other factors, but it can make a difference. It can assist in keeping your opponent guessing. For instance, if you stand wider, you can expose yourself to serve with a greater angle which will help you to get your partner off the court. But it is important to not give too much of an angle as you will give your opponent a wider angle to hit a return.

5. Serve-volley:

Serving volley is a great tactical move which is sure to put your opponent under pressure. You should aim to serve in the middle of the service box as it avoids giving them an angle; after which you should charge at the net. Once you’re at the net, keep your eyes on the ball and be focused. Volley their return to service back at them, preferably at their weakest side.


Nidhi Patel