5 Principles You Must Follow in Badminton

To be a successful badminton player, one should stick to these principles.


While taking up a sport, one should lay a strong foundation for themselves. One should have certain principles that they follow so as to do justice to the sport.

If you are one of those players who fight to be better and improve every day, then these principles are definitely for you.

These principles are here to guide you to improve and be a better player overall:

 1. Good hand-eye coordination

It is noticed that when beginners pick up the sport of badminton, they tend to miss the shuttle in an attempt to hit it. This is because a player may not be making a swing at the right time. He/ she may be swinging a bit too early or a bit too late. This happens a lot and is considered normal at the beginner level.

However, with practice one can improve on this and gain better hand-eye coordination.

This video is a good example of drills one can do to improve hand-eye coordination:

 2. Footwork is key

While playing badminton, one should really focus on having good footwork on the court. If you cannot reach the shuttle, do not hit it. This is because if you are out of place or not in a good position, you may end up moving incorrectly and chances of falling or getting injured increase significantly.

Maintaining good foot movements on the court will help you become a better player as you will be able to return the shuttle more effectively.

Another important thing to note is that improving the strength and muscles of the legs will help significantly.
Badminton is a quick game where a player is put in situations to react very quickly. In order to be able to react fast, the leg muscles of a person should be strong. Obviously doing footwork drills is very beneficial.

This may help you to improve your footwork:

3. Always be behind the shuttle

If you want to become a good badminton player, one of the things you will learn to do 10/10 times is be behind the shuttle and never directly under the shuttle.

It is so important that your body is behind the shuttle because this way your arms have space to freely swing completely and you can watch where and how you are contacting and hitting the shuttle. Source.

While playing badminton there will be instances where you are late and are not able to be behind the shuttle always, which is okay, but this should be a rare occurrence.

If you are directly in under the shuttle, not only will your arms have a limited range of motion, you will not be able to view the shuttle well enough to send it in the direction of your choice.

It will also result in you making a poor return, and sometimes no return too.

The worst position you can find yourself is being in front of the shuttle. This is because you will be completely off balance trying to chase the shuttle and hit it when you are out of position.

You will not be able to view the shuttle correctly and chances are it will not even go across the net. So remember, always be behind the shuttle.

4. There is no shortcut to success

If you are trying to pick up any sport, especially a competitive and intense sport like badminton, you have to be very patient with the progress.

You need to practice regularly and even train off the court to be able to convert that on the court to see results even faster.


There are no shortcuts you can take to make the results come quicker. Being regular and being focused on making good progress should be the key.

5. Never give up

Badminton is not an easy sport. Either you have the natural talent for it or you are very hard working. Both of these will yield good results. But if you are not seeing progress soon enough if you aren’t winning matches you feel you should, never give up.

Instead, assess the situation. Think about the mistakes you made and what you can do to rectify them. Think about what more can you do in terms of practice.

Be regular and learn from your mistakes. Do not let failure get in your way. A determined player never quits.


These are just 5 principles to help guide you to build a strong foundation for yourself as a badminton player. These apply to all levels of players.

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Nidhi Patel