Nobody ever misses the FIFA World cup for anything. It is the most widely followed sports event in the world. With every world cup comes a package of few breathtaking moments, unimaginable goals, fuming adrenaline and tons of drama. Let’s just rewind the moments never forgotten for all the wrong reasons.

  1. When Chiellini became Suarez’s meat

A bit of an overreaction from Chiellini but Suarez did take a bit of him, during the Italy vs Uruguay encounter at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. As a result of this, Suarez was handed a 4-month ban, although he was not suspended during the match. It was the third time that Suarez let his vampire instincts get the better of him.

  1. When Pepe couldn’t get enough of Muller

Pepe looks rude, Pepe acts rude. After his hands jabbed Muller’s face, the German looked visibly hurt. But Pepe never let it go. He started another episode by head-butting Muller, which handed him the red card and thrashed Portugal’s World Cup Campaign.

  1. Zidane head-butting Materazzi

One incident and everybody forgets who Zidane was and remembers him for this sour story. Nobody would have ever expected Zizou to do such a terrible thing, but the amount of frustration that the 2006 FIFA World Cup final demanded and the sledging from the Italian, Materazzi brought out the demon inside Zidane that had been lurking in for so long.

  1. ‘Hand of God’ by Maradona

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If not for Maradona, Argentina would not have won the World cup back in 1986. He scored both the goals, in Argentina’s victory over England in the Quarterfinals. While the second winning goal became a history, as it was named the “Goal of the Century”, the first one was nothing short of a drama. The referee allowed the Hand goal by Maradona, as he never had the chance to record the incident with his naked eyes.

  1. Suarez’s Handball in Football

This should be named as “Hand of God 2.0” for sure. Suarez thrashed the hopes of Ghana with yet another murky behaviour of his, by playing a handball and denying the opponents of a goal. Though Suarez was dismissed, the two teams entered the shootout, after which Uruguay qualified, ending the hopes and breaking the hearts of every player in the Ghana team during the 2010 World cup.


Which incident do you think is the most nefarious of all the crazy antics that football has witnessed? Get, set, go…. Let us know!


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