3:30 PM means time to change out of the school uniform and into come comfortable shorts and a shirt because 4PM is when the neighbor hood will be filled with all the kids, ready to play on the road.

Uncles, who have decided to park their cars on the road at this hour, better see the invisible “Park at own risk” sign.

In comparison to those times, a lot of people talk about how kids never come out to play. I think we, as semi grown-ups should show these kids why we talk about playing on the road and relive those memories with them.

Here’s a list of sports that will perfectly fit the idea of a throwback.

1) Lagori/ Seven Tiles

Lagori or seven tiles is a game that’s played with seven tiles or wooden blocks for all those “fancy-schmancies” and normal roadside stones for us “non-fancies” (yes, I made up these words to put my point across). Two teams will then decide, by a “coin” toss or by a “stone-paper-scissor” toss if they would be on the throwers end or the aimers end a.k.a hitting the stones or fielding. My tip to you, do not play with A RUBBER BALL. It hurts. Like really hurts.

Kid playing Lagori

2) Robber police

Now this goes by many names like cops and police, Kalla police etc. The agenda of the game is pretty straight forward, all the players stand in a circle and are split off in two halves, one half are the robbers the other half are the police. Now the police will count until fifty before they begin to chase the robbers. The robbers can run/ hide within the predetermined boundaries until they are caught by the police and put into jail. This game is seriously good for your cardio and helps develop your strategic planning abilities.

Robber police mugshot

3) Kabaddi

The beauty of Kabaddi is that the one who is entering the opponents court, must say Kabaddi the whole time. It can get particularly rough though with a lot of hits to the face, tripping, grabbing and scratching. Here’s my philosophy, nobody said street sports are played safe if you want to be a victor.

kabaddi outdoor

4) Dodge ball

This one is the ultimate revenge sport. I find that the losing team usually opts to be throwers because this is their only chance to take out their anger on the winning team in the name of sports. I can relate to this. #CheapThrills


5) Hide and Seek

This one is a classic must have. This game is played towards the evening when everyone just wants to chill but play so that would be around 6 pm, when the street lights come on. Now the one unfortunate person who gets selected to catch the others has to struggle quite a bit as this game comes with a lot of loopholes in terms of save; A save is when one person can “save” a person who has been caught; this also helps determine who your true friends are.

kids playing hide and seek

These sports are the best way to describe my childhood and I hope that many of you will be able to relate to it as well!

Play these sports with the younger ones so you can help push this legacy of street sport.

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