Cricket is a game of innovation and the sport evolved from only Tests to Tests and 60 overs a side to then 50 overs a side One Day International’s and finally the T20 format. Just as the sport kept evolving over the years so had to, the players to keep up with the pace of changing times and keep adding something new to their armour.

So in came some cheeky shots and between all these years gave birth to quite a few exciting, new and unconventional shots, contrary to the classic cover drive’s, straight drive’s, pull and flick.

Here are the 6 top shots you need to learn this season:

1) Dilscoop

Invented by the Sri Lankan batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan, Dilscoop is an amazing invention with strong resemblance to how one of the batsman batted in Lagaan.

Here, a batsman goes down on one knee and waits for the ball to reach near him and then scoops the ball over the head of the wicket-keeper.

This was picked up quickly by New Zealand star Brendon McCullum as well and was termed as the McScoop in his land. The shot needs the batsman to pick the right ball and is ideal for balls bowled on good length or just shot of length.

Thinking what do with a fuller ball? We have more innovative shots lined up.

2) The ramp shot/ Marillier scoop

This is how you improvise on a fuller length ball. Pick the ball, move outside the off stump and scoop the ball over the fine leg fielder. The shot has seen players get 4 or even a 6 on a few occasions and has turned out to be a rather fruitful shot.

Zimbabwe’s Douglas Marillier was the first person the play the shot as he showed glimpses of his innovation with a 50 run knock against India, batting at No. 10. The shot has also been used missed with a reverse hit knows as the reverse scoop quite often played by AB de Villiers and the England shorter format captain Eoin Morgan.

With this in your bag you are sure to trouble any bowler.

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3) Switch Hit

You can’t rotate strike always but you can switch the bat in your hands to turn into an opposite handed batsman and confuse the bowler.

Here, a left hander turns a right hander and the right hander becomes a left hander just as the ball is released, and make use of the same. The bowler usually lines up to bowl a ball to the batsman, batting in his natural position, but as the batsman switches the handle, certain balls become loose ones and can be picked upon to score runs.

The credit for invention of this shot goes to Kevin Pietersen but is now active in use by others as well especially Warner. Now you know your way to get a few runs the next time you are out on the pitch.

4) Walk away Cut/ Maxwell Cut

Cut is a common shot that has been played for decades. But in what is a unique invention, Australia’s explosive batsman Glen Maxwell invented a new form of cut which has yielded runs.

Here, a batsman goes back on a short ball and gives the impression of a pull but just as the ball closes onto the bat, open the face a bit without looking at it and slash it to the third man boundary. But having confused everyone with the shot, there is every chance of getting a boundary with the fielders not expecting the ball to get there.

Maxwell first played this in the quarter final against Pakistan on the bowling of Wahab Riaz who was constantly bowling short and troubling the batsmen.

This is a must have in your armoury to slash all those shot ball attempts at you.

5) Periscope

Who would expect a Bangladeshi batsman to invent a new shot? Soumya Sarkar broke the stereotype as he applied some string physics in his batting and gave birth to a unique, new shot called the Periscope.

This is another way to answer a short ball. Here, the batsman just gets a bit away, holds the bat in the air and opens the face of the bat ever so slightly as and when the ball reaches the bat to guide the ball over the keeper or the slip cordon and into the boundary. Unlike the upper cut, this is played very close to the helmet.

6) Helicopter

No, this wasn’t invented by Dhoni. Most of us who have watched the MSD-The untold story would know who did. Invented by Dhoni’s friend and adopted by Dhoni, the helicopter shot is the new wave.

Yorkers are bowlers’ way of getting a dot ball but with this shot, Dhoni and now others have got runs to the best of them.

Here the batsman gets back in his crease and uses his bottom hand to get the power and goes all the way completing his follow through making the bat swirl in a helicopter-like swing. The shot needs strong wrists and a solid back-lift to execute.

For every Malinga you are going to face, dig out the helicopter shot from your bag and whack them around.

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