A Spring Bat That’s Totally Legal! Have You Heard of It Yet?

Yep, spring bats are for real!

Spring Handle Bat! This is the next generation cricket bat and is an innovation to old school cricket bats. The key difference lies in the handle of the bat, which is designed to be flexible. This provides the bat the potential to absorb the shock from hitting the ball. It becomes a boon when the shot is played by the batter aggressively, with a full swing. The flexibility plays a key role when the bat hits the ball, creating extra power without taking a toll on the batter’s hands.

This innovation aids the batters, especially while negotiating full length balls or yorkers. The impact on the toe of the bat and the shock wave created would have an adverse effect on the batter’s hands, while using traditional bats. This bat helps in minimising the effect, enabling the batter to perform better.

Image Courtesy: Cricket Xperts Official

Will it fade out like the Mongoose Bat?

Honestly, only time will tell us the future of this piece of equipment! Like the mongoose, a revolutionary innovation, gone in vain! Let’s just leave it at that and hope it won’t happen with this latest piece of innovation! (We still aren’t over the Hayden heroics with the Mongoose!)


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