These Amazing Tips Will Instantly Make You Better at Badminton!

AMAZING BADMINTON TIPS | If you are serious about your game and want to play like a pro, here is a guide on how to get better at playing Badminton.

Let’s get started:

Badminton is a game that requires focus, concentration, muscular coordination, agility and strength. We are sure that you have all of that, but how do you get an edge over your opponent? You can improve every game, every set if you are dedicated and passionate.

Gauge the distance:

If you have to hit the shuttle, you have to reach it first, which is where the arm and footwork play an important role. Gauge the distance and you will realize that you don’t have to put so much effort moving around in the court that you tire easily. Be agile on your feet and heels. It will help you conserve your energy and stamina.

Best shots:

The best hits are those that you hit from the centre of your racquet. It requires practice and expertise to get it right most of the times. What is important here is the coordination of your feet, arm, eye and torso. Make sure that you get the distance right so that you can extend your arm enough to catch the shuttle at the centre of your racquet.

Use force smartly:

Not all shots need the full power that you can exert! Depending on placing, some shots need just a nudge, enough to let the shuttle bounce into the other side of the net, while some shots like smash need full power.

If you use excessive power at the wrong angle and distance, you may end up letting your opponent score that point. Practice your strokes with varying power so that you can familiarize yourself with it.

Forehand v/s Backhand:

Majority of amateur players find that forehand is easier that backhand shots. While you play, use backhand strokes equally so that it cannot be used as a weakness by your opponent. Again, coordination here is very important in order to hit the shuttle right, with a backhand stroke.


If you can remember, understand and internalize these above points, rest assured that you can improve game after game, set after set. Ace your game with aces! As you already know, there is no substitute for hard work, dedication, passion and practice. Keep playing, keep learning.

Surprise yourself with your improvement, the next time you’re on the court.