Badminton Equipment- 5 Essential Items You Must Carry With You

Playing Badminton is a very exciting activity one can do. But to enhance that experience, it is good to go prepared. There are certain Badminton equipment one must carry with them.

Going to play unprepared may lead you to have a dull experience. Broken rackets, no socks, no water and much more can spoil your otherwise perfect evening on the court.

As a regular Badminton player, you must make sure you carry the following essentaial Badmiton equipment with you:

1.A spare racket-
Its always advicable to carry a spare Badminton rakcet

There is no saying when your badminton racket strings will break, or when your badminton racket might break.

These situations do occur and one must be ready when it does. Keeping a spare badminton racket will ensure that you don’t need to stop playing or rely on someone else with a spare.

Carrying two rackets may be cumbersome for some, but it is strongly advised.

2. Change of t-shirt
Always good to carry a change of tshirt

Carrying an extra t-shirt or a spare change of t-shirt is one of the most important badminton equipment one must carry. This is often neglected by most players.

Changing out from your sweaty tshirt into a clean and dry one post playing is a must.

A wet and sweaty T-shirt carries a lot of bacteria and can also help you catch a cold. It is best to change out of it after playing.

3. Badminton shoes
Badminton shoes are an essential badminton equipement

It is always wise to carry your badminton shoes rather than wear it beforehand.

This is because badminton shoes should only be worn at the court.

This will help it last longer as the sole of the shoe is meant only for wooden or synthetic surfaces.

Also wearing ordinary shoes isn’t ethical or advised. Not only will it spoil the court, but may also give you injuries.

4. Snacks and water
Dry Fruits are easy snacks to carry

A sport like badminton is physically quite demanding. It is important to carry a small snack like a fruit or dry fruit. This will give you instant energy and help you feel energized. If not dry fruits, having an energy bar in hand will also go a long way.

Hydration is also very important as our muscles can cramp due to lack of water. Make sure you drink less amounts of water at frequent intervals. This also helps in reducing muscle soreness.

People tend to skip this, but I’d say, this should be an essential badminton equipment

5. A pair of scissors
A pair of scissors can come very handy

People don’t usually think of a pair of scissors to be an essential badminton equipment, but it is something you must carry.

A pair of scissors can be used for many reasons. If your racket strings break, it is wise to cut the rest of the strings on the spot. This is because the strings of the racket keep it in shape and having broken strings can damage the shape of the frame

Besides this, a pair of scissors can come handy when applying a grip; there may be some excess grip material after placing the new one. To cut if off, a pair of scissors is necessary.

And lastly, incase of a medical emergency it can be used to cut band-aids and other such material.


These 5 are much needed badminton equipment that one must consider carrying with them to the court. You never know what is needed when; being prepared is always better.

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Nidhi Patel