Badminton: How To Master The Art Of Forehand Smash

Trying to get an edge on your opponent by doing the mighty smash? Master the forehand smash by reading and applying this article.  

The game of badminton is a quick paced and fast one. It requires a person to be alert and on their feet. The most feared shot that can be played is the might smash (forehand). It is one of the most effective and is the fastest stroke that has been ever played.

It is so fast that it can reach speeds up to 400-450Kmph. It can put pressure on the opponent and throw them off a bit. It can also be the shot that makes you win the rally.

But of course, it is not the easiest stroke to play.

A good smash will depend on a combination of various things which have to work together to get a successful outcome.

Here are the steps you need to follow to successfully be able to smash from the forehand:

#1 Be in position:

A smash can’t be hit anywhere at any time. It has to be timed right and for that, you have to be a good position and very importantly behind the shuttle.

If you are chasing the shuttle and have less time to play a smash, you shouldn’t as chances are you’ll make a mistake. You also need to make sure that you have proper balance.

#2 Your racket head and grip is right:

To play the forehand smash correctly you need to hold the racket correctly in the forehand grip. The head of the racket should be properly facing the target you want to hit the smash.

The face of the racket has to be at the right angle as if it is not then hitting the smash at the place where you want it to go will not happen.

#3. Use your non racket hand for guidance:

While getting in the position to hit a smash, use your non-racket hand to guide you to hit the smash effectively. Make sure you pull back the non-racket arm as far back possible so as to help you to perform a full swing with your racket arm. This will also help you to maintain the balance of your body.

#4. Catch the shuttle as high as possible:

In badminton, you never wait for the shuttle to come to you. You always go to the shuttle. For a smash, you have to catch the shuttle as early and as high as possible. By doing this you get time to hit more accurately and deeply.

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#5. Swing is key:

Always hit a smash with a full arms swing. Never cut short your swing. If you want a very effective smash you will have to use your full arms swing as if you do not then the shuttle may go as loose as toss or may go into the net.

#6. Getting the bicycle jump/ correct footwork:

While smashing, it is important that your feet get the “bicycle jump” movement. Basically, a bicycle jump is a jump where you start with your non-racket leg in front and take off with your leading/ racket left and land with racket leg in front and the non-racket leg behind. But this must be done on the same spot and after doing this jump balance should be maintained.This jump will help you generate the right power.

#7. Follow through of the swing:

It is important that the follow through of the swing is completed and that balance is maintained. Never stop the swing after hitting the shuttle.

This videos will guide you on how to smash with your forehand:

A smash takes time to master. Not anyone can smash on their first day of badminton. It takes time to learn to smash and months and months of practice to master the fierce smash.

Having said that, if you know how to smash it does not mean you are a pro. Smashing hard doesn’t mean you’ve won, smashing smart means you’ve won.


Follow all these steps to achieve the right and perfect smash. Work on each step individually and you will see the difference.

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