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BADMINTON FOR ALL AGE GROUPS | Playing a sport is an excellent workout. If you hate going to the gym or doing push ups, then playing on a regular basis is the ideal way to stay in shape. However, all sports are not born equal, and the physical demands of certain sports may be too intense for people of all ages.

But there is one sport that can be played easily, no matter what your age – badminton. That’s right. This sport is physically exhausting and fun to play, and can be enjoyed by everyone, from kids to grandparents. Here’s why.

Easy to Understand

Badminton hasn’t got too many rules to follow. It’s simple – hit the shuttlecock over the net and to your opponent’s side. If your opponent manages to send it back over the net, all you have to do is send it back to their side again. You also need to ensure that the shuttle stays within the boundary of the court.

These rules are quite straightforward and can be learnt easily, which makes it easy for kids to understand. Once they’ve got the basics down, playing the game isn’t that challenging anymore.

Simple Movements

Badminton involves swinging the racket and ensuring that it comes in contact with the shuttlecock. This action is extremely easy to perform and does not require a lot of strength or skill. So whether you’re 70 or 7, you’ll find that Badminton is simple enough to learn.

Thanks to the boundary lines, there is limited area for movement, and players need not traverse vast distances during the course of a match. This is ideal for older players who may get exhausted very quickly, and for small children who find it difficult to run across a playing field.

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Little Investment

All you need is a racket and a shuttlecock to start playing badminton. Of course, it’s best to have a membership at a club that provides a badminton net as well, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Even without a net, you can rally the shuttle between two players and enjoy the game. And if you want to do it more seriously, the membership fee in most clubs is quite inexpensive.

It’s A Family Game

If you ever visit a Badminton court on a regular basis, you’ll find entire families playing doubles matches against each other. You’ll see grandparents squaring off against their kids and grand kids, and various other exciting match ups.

Thanks to the fact that Badminton can be played in teams of two. The game is extremely popular among families who love to bond over physical activity. Two in a team also reduces the amount of work a single person has to do. This makes the game easier to play while ensuring that it stays physically challenging. Thanks to this, Badminton can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it the ideal family game.

Be Sure To Warm Up

No matter what your age, it’s imperative to warm up before you start playing. By warming up your muscles, you loosen them up and stretch them out, allowing them to absorb impact a lot more effectively. This reduces the risk of injury and allows your body to perform optimally.

So be sure to jog around the court and do a few stretches before you get into the groove of the game.

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