Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt has won two academy awards for his screenplay and direction in films like Good Will Hunting and Argo. He also played lead roles in critically acclaimed movies such as Armageddon, Shakespeare in Love, Pearl Harbor, Changing Lanes, and The Sum of All Fears. Affleck’s directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone (2007), which he also co-wrote, was well received. He then directed, co-wrote, and starred in the crime drama The Town (2010).

However, his acting career finally reached its peak when he got the opporunity that billions of people around the world would die for. In 2016, Affleck started playing Batman in the DC Extended Universe in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League making him a household byword for ‘cool’ and ‘ripped’.

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Go Patriots! Go Red Sox!

Everyone knows Ben Affleck reps Boston hard all day, every day, especially when it comes to sports. Red Sox is his first sports love and he remains undeniably, well… a Boston guy.

Ben Affleck reacts to Patriots' loss to the Bills

We broke the news of the New England Patriots loss to the Buffalo Bills to Pats superfan Ben Affleck. He wasn't happy.

Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard 发布于 2016年10月3日

Ben Affleck was busy doing press for his new movie, The Accountant. He didn’t have any time to watch the Patriots, so he asks Sports Illustrated’s Tiffany Oshinsky to fill him in on the Pats-Bills game that was going on. He wanted to know the score to the game and the cameras caught his heartbreak.

This wasn’t the first or last time it had happened either. Being an ardent Tom Brady, he keeps getting upset by how the NFL treats his fave bae.

The Batman’s fitness routine:

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“I knew that a big part of the audience’s expectation around the role would be how I looked physically,” Affleck, now 43, tells Men’s Journal over email. “And that was something I had some control over. If I was going to fail in this role, I wasn’t going to let it be in a way that could have prevented if I had worked harder.”

“Getting ready for this role meant working hard, day in and day out with Walter,” says Affleck. “But it was the kind of work where I felt gains in not only my size, but also my mental and physical health.”

“Seven years ago the body bounced back a little quicker. Like any relationship, it’s all about communication and honesty. I can tell him a little something that he doesn’t want to hear and that’s fine. We’re not tiptoeing around issues. So we just addressed it right at the top. We did what we needed to do to take care of him and protect his joints.This time around we did more bodybuilding. We wanted him to be strong but we wanted to add mass. The volume was higher. We lived on a lot of the basics, 80-pound dumbbell curls, heavy-loaded carries, and farmers walks with 60-pound weights.”

Affleck needed that extra strength on set: The batsuit weighs some 75 pounds. There are also plenty of workout scenes making their way into the final cut, showing off his ripped physique, like one he shot in the Batcave doing pull-ups, while strapped to an additional 50 pounds in weight.

“If I had to say there were any critical exercises that we always went back to, it was pull-ups and chin-ups.” “We wanted him to look like a thick MMA heavyweight puncher,” explains Norton, Batfleck’s fitness trainer. “This is a Bruce Wayne who’s been lifting for 20 years, hitting that heavyweight bag, and working out every day in the manor. I’ll just say that if you lined up all the Batmans before Ben and stood them next to each other, they’re not 6’4”, and they don’t weigh 225 pounds. He’s in a whole other class.”

What “Bruce Wayne” eats…

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Ben Affleck’s diet for Batman helped him lose weight, while building muscle at the same time. To get in superhero shape, Ben Affleck reached out to nutritionist Rehan Jalali to design his diet. Based in Beverly Hills, Jalali is known for helping people get six pack abs with a common-sense diet. Jalali says the Batman diet was very similar to the plan they used for The Town (2009).

For Batman, Ben Affleck wanted to look like a lean, but muscular, superhero. In order for him to go up against Superman, he had to appear as big as Henry Cavill. Only then, would it be believable that he had a fighting chance against Superman (Henry Cavill). Ben Affleck also had to make sure his diet was clean, to help him stay lean.

Ben Affleck’s diet plan focuses on having the proper nutrition ratios. From Jelani, Ben Affleck learned to eat:

  • 45% Carbohydrates
  • 35% Lean Protein
  • 20% Essential Fats

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