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World Water Day | Were You Aware Of These 5 Benefits Of Drinking Water

World water day! The quote of Leonardo da Vinci explains us the importance of water. There is nothing else on this planet that can replace water. Therefore, we have put together all the reasons one needs to drink water. Here is why staying important is important:

  • Have you tried numerous ways to lose weight and all the efforts have gone in vain? Then try to have sufficient amount of water along with healthy diet to see the difference!
  • Who doesn’t love youthful and glowing skin? Let me tell you, water keeps your skin hydrated and makes you feel fresh throughout the day!
  • Headaches’s have now become a part of our day-to-day life. To get rid of them we take several medicines which aren’t great for health. Try a glass of water next time?
  • Well, at least it helps me stay in good mood! Generally, when your body is functioning normally, you feel great, don’t you?
  • Can you disagree with the above statement? Well, I can’t!

Our body requires 2-3 litre of water every day and it is advisable to drink a glass of water every morning when your stomach is empty. Also, keep sipping on water rather than drinking only when thirsty.

Hence, to make this entire exercise more exciting, add some flavours like mint and lemon to your bottle of water. This combination of mint and lemon acts like detoxifiers which in turn helps you flush the toxins eventually. 

Avoid alcohol, aerated drinks and caffeine as they dehydrate your body. Instead, start having coconut water, lassi and fruit juices when thirsty and water isn’t available. 

Did I mention? Water is the most affordable source of keeping yourself hydrated! Do a favour to your body, start drinking more water from today!

Happy World Water Day!


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