The racket is the most important of all the badminton equipment. The type of racket you choose should match your playing ability. The four things to consider when it comes to choosing a racket are weight, balance point, string tension and hand grip.

Requisite characteristics of a beginner’s racket:

Weight and Balance: Lightweight rackets with lower balance points are recommended for beginners. Rackets should weigh between 85g to 90g, as they easier to control, allow for quick stroking speeds and recovery and are also easier on the wrist and shoulders, reducing the chances of injuries.

String Tension: For beginners, 15 – 20 lbs is the perfect value of tension. However, the value varies from region to region due to temperature differences, as strings expand at higher temperatures.

Grip size: Most racket grips come in four sizes. Bigger grips help to generate more power whereas smaller grips offer better manoeuvrability.

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Popular Badminton Rackets for Beginners

Wilson Hyper 100:

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This is a good looking, and more importantly reliable racquet that is perfect for beginners. The racquets hyper carbon body increases the power and control of your shots along with adding durability making it the perfect beginner’s piece.

Wilson BLX Blade:

The Wilson BLX model is a moderately priced racket that will be great for beginners because of its isometric head and large sweet spot. It is a little light at 83 grams, but comes pre-strung giving you increased power while still allowing movement. At a good price and with a large sweet spot, this racket is ideal for complete novices to get into the groove with.

Yonex Arcsaber 002

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The Yonex Arcsaber, while slightly on the expensive side, is geared toward players that want all-around play. This will develop easy power and allow the beginner move around freely as it weighs in at only 83 grams. It has medium flexibility, so it is close to a one size fits all racket for players of all physical statures.

Cosco CBX-450

Cosco CBX-450

Made from graphite, the 100g Cosco CBX-450 is perfect for beginners who want a durable but slightly heavier racket to start with.The red and grey colour scheme that makes the CBX a real eye catcher. After all, looking good can sometimes mean the difference between staying interested and confident in a sport and giving it up at the beginning stages of most amateur players.

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