Have you ever wanted to run run and run but cannot do so? be it any reason say health, time or that you’re simply lazy. I was an athlete back in my school days. Running was in my blood and more important than high school crushes! Then I stopped.

Until today.

08/03/2016, is the day I ran again after 10 years.It took me 10 years to realize why I was so happy back then. It took me 10 years to make myself understand how free and strong I felt while I ran. I dedicate this topic to all you runners out there and describing how I felt is how I want to show my respect to you all.

How Started to run again.It was like Being Born Again

The first thing I paid attention to was my breath and its variations. How it slowed down when I slowed down and how it picked up as I ran. It aligned to my comfort. My heart, I could hear it beating in my ears. The feeling was exhilarating! I wouldn’t say it didn’t scare the shit out of me, hearing my heart beat in my ears and all! But the rush was brilliant. After that, I just couldn’t stop. It’s like they say “When you want something, everything including nature will work on giving it to you”, it’s true.. the stadium, the lighting, the trees, my legs, my shoes, my music and most importantly my mind.. everything made it happen for me.

I am not going to explain why I stopped running but I want to tell you one thing. It took me 10 years but I know now, the importance of it and I will never look back again. I will never stop again. More than fitness, it is a feeling of liberation. It gives you a sense of confidence and discipline. Your body is thanking you for every drop of sweat that you shed.

My mom has always told me “Your body is a temple, treat it well”

I won’t share this with her because like all mom’s out there she’ll tell me “I told you so!”. Yes yes they are always right.

Lastly, if you’re in love, a marriage, a break up, a diet, in depression, an alcoholic, a workaholic or a smoker, (don’t be offended if I didn’t add you in the list, do it yourself, stop being lazy), start giving your body the energy your mind isn’t giving you.

Your fit body is the very freedom you are looking everywhere else for.

Until next time

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