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Is it really possible to play Badminton outdoors?

Badminton is a sport that is enjoyed by many across the globe. It is played by not just the professionals, but also beginners, of all ages.

Typically, Badminton is a sport played indoors. Having said that, if you are playing for fun and leisure, you can play outdoors. However, the professionals and more serious players largely stick to playing indoors.

Players playing indoor Badminton

There are people who just want to pick up their rackets and play. But not everyone has access to courts all the time. This is when people turn to playing Badminton outdoors.

Sure people love to play at the beach, the park and even their buildings. It is easy, convenient, and inexpensive. Also, they don’t need to be reliant on getting access to courts, travelling to courts or spending money to play each game.

So can one really play Badminton outdoor?
Badminton played outdoors

Well, yes. Badminton can be played outdoors. All you need is a shuttlecock, rackets and a fellow player!

However, playing Badminton outdoors isn’t at all like playing indoors. This doesn’t mean it’s not fun. The people who like to play Badminton in the open do love it. But, there are things that are very different about playing Badminton outdoors.

Wind/ Rain-

Wind is one factor that can spoil your experience playing outdoors. The shuttlecock being light tends to fly around more than it would indoors. It’s not guaranteed that the shuttlecock will go the direction you hit as the wind affects the direction and speed of the shuttle heavily.

In short, you won’t (always) be able to control the shuttle the way you would want it to.

Obviously, rain is a big issue. Rains can render playing outdoors almost impossible. Not only will you get wet, but so will the shuttlecock. This will completely spoil your experience.


Playing outdoors, especially when its sunny makes spotting the shuttle a bit hard. Badminton when played indoors is played against green or blue walls. This is so the shuttlecock can be clearly visible to the players. The rays of the sun will make spotting the shuttle a bit more hard.


In terms of safety, playing Badminton outdoors may not be as safe as it is indoors. Definitely, you can injure yourself playing indoors, but the environment is way more controlled. Outdoors there are a few things you need be careful about.

If the ground is wet or slippery, chances of falling are higher. Make sure to choose an area that is not wet and is more even.

Also, in parks, beaches and buildings, we need to be careful about other people and be aware of the surroundings.


In short, yes, Badminton can be played both indoors and outdoors. Playing indoors is definitely recommended, but playing outdoors is enjoyed by many. Those who are playing just for fun don’t mind the various obstructions the outdoors pose.

All in all, if you want to play outdoors, you must be a bit cautious.


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