With all the tips and tricks you need to improve everything from your basic shots to footwork, this is a repository for all you Baddies looking to improve your game.

A Detailed Guide to Help Badminton Beginners

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4 years ago

Beginner – Amateur: All That You Need to Know About Net Lifts in Badminton

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5 Tips That Will Improve Your Wrist Action Remarkably

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Is Visualisation in Badminton Really Important?

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Winning Points in Badminton Was Never So Easy

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4 years ago

5 Most Common Mistakes Badminton Players Make

Common mistakes badminton players make and how to avoid them to improve your game. Badminton is an intensive game and… Read More

4 years ago

Balance Point of Your Racket Is Important, Here’s How You Find It

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4 years ago

These Amazing Tips Will Instantly Make You Better at Badminton!

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Essential Tips for Badminton Amateurs

Badminton is one of those sports that can be played by almost everyone, especially amateur. Though most of us tend… Read More

5 years ago

4 Keys That Will Help Improve Your Badminton Powerplay

POWERPLAY IN BADMINTON | Playing an aggressive and powerful game is a lot more than just getting the right racket.… Read More

6 years ago