Cool Down After a Game of Badminton Is Necessary, Here’s Why

The game of Badminton is quite physically challenging. It requires the body to use its muscles continuously in order to support the player. Since it is so strenuous, at the end of the play, a good and thorough cool down is required.

Skipping the cool down can be quite harmful in the long run. Injuries are at a higher risk when the body, muscles, and joints haven’t been stretched properly after play.

Before I get into what is the best cool down, we would like to note a brief on the benefits of the cool down.

1. Helps in the reduction of lactic acid build-up. This is very important to note.

2. It helps prevent injuries.

3. It helps in the recovery of the muscles, which can aid in us performing the same routine the following day.

4. It has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system.

5. It ensures that the muscles are flexible and remain flexible.

So what is the best way to cool down post badminton?

Stretching your whole body and all your muscles post-playing is very important. Our muscles are completely loaded during playing and need a bit of relief post play. 

#1. Exhaling:

It is important to get our heart rate back to normal. Deep exhaling to calm our pulse down is required. This should be the first thing you do post play.

#2. Floor stretches:

Floor stretching is the best way to cool down. There are many floor stretching exercises to perform post play. This will ensure that you have the best cool down.

a. Hamstrings:

Sit on the floor with your legs in front of you. Start by touching your toes and holding that position for 10 counts. After doing that 1-2 times, spread your legs to the side as much as possible and again touch your toes and hold that position for 10 counts. These two toe touch stretches are important. They ensure that your hamstrings are well stretched and retain flexibility.

b. Sit in the butterfly position and with your arms on your thighs and hold your legs ass close to your butt as possible.

c. Quadriceps:

For your quadriceps, you’ll need a towel or rolled up mat to be placed under your toes. Sit with your knees touching the ground and lean backwards till your palms touch the ground.

d. Hips:

For your hips, you need to keep one knee on the floor and the other leg 90 degrees in front of you. Your hips will be facing forward and won’t be turned to the side. Start the stretch by lunging forward with the leg that’s flat on the floor. You should feel the stretch on the hip flexor region of the leg whose knee is on the ground.

e. Calf stretch:

For this, you will need a wall or a chair. You have to start by placing the foot of your leg at the bottom of the wall and pulling your body closer to the wall. Your other leg will be in the air. Hold the stretch for at least 15 counts. After that go to the other leg.

Even if you are not able to pull your body towards the wall, but you are able to keep your heel as close to the bottom of the floor as possible, it is good enough.

f. Upper Body:

For your upper body make sure you stretch your shoulder and shoulder joint very well. These are the shoulder stretches you should do:

g. Stretch:

It is very important to stretch the back, especially the lower back. This video shows the lower back stretches that are very important: 

Do all these stretches thoroughly to cool down in the best possible manner post play. Remember your cool down is as important as your warm up.

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Nidhi Patel