“Behind every successful man, there stands a woman” is an old cliched quote that we have come across time and again. No matter how old this quote gets, the truth about it still stands true. 

Avinash. K was just like any of us, a die-hard cricket fan from India. So until he met Charchita Pramanik, a Badminton player since school days, he never even tried to learn the sport. A wife’s charm is too hard to resist and Charchita pulled Avinash into trying Badminton. Thus began the journey of “Crazzy Shuttlers”.

I got in touch with Avinash, the co-founder of Crazzy Shuttlers, an offline Badminton community for the lovers of the sport. No matter how many questions I kept throwing at him, he was vivacious enough to answer every bit of it. Here’s to more about Avinash, his team and the “all and everything” about Team Crazzy Shuttlers.

Avinash posing with trophies

Avinash posing with trophies

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1. How did the idea of starting a Badminton community surface?

My wife is a Badminton player and I had never played Badminton. She made me try Badminton and I fell in love with the sport as I could pick it up easily.There were not many Badminton courts back then in 2013. So to spread the spirit of Badminton and connect all the sport lovers together, my wife and I decided to start “Crazzy Shuttlers”. Our first try out was in Play Mania.

2. What is “Crazzy Shuttlers” all about?

crazzy shuttlers

It is a community for all the Badminton maniacs. We use the platform “meetup.com” to host matches just like how you can host matches on PLAYO. We also have an option to choose between “Beginner” level and “Advanced”. For example, if 3 players out of 4 are Advanced and one player is a Beginner, we would ask the Beginner to drop out and join a different game, just so the game is balanced.

3. How does this community help the Badminton enthusiasts?

This community has a variable mix of all levels of Badminton players. This way, the Intermediates can train the Beginners and help make their game better. On a recreational purpose, when you feel bored and you have no one to play with, you can get on the Crazzy Shuttlers platform, host or join a match.

4. How has Crazzy Shuttlers grown over the past 3 years?

crazzy shuttlers in action at play mania

When we started off in the first year, it was very slow. We had around 400-500 members. But in the last 3 years we have gathered around 3000 members in the community. Initially, the operations kicked off at Play Mania, Bellandur. Now we have around 4 places covered in every part of Bangalore, Citi Nest (Indiranagar), Feather touch (J.P Nagar), Gurukul (Marathahalli) and also Electronic City.

5. How do you make time for work and play? Aren’t you stressed out trying to balance?

I work for HP currently and I’m residing at HSR layout. After work, I drive to Play Mania, Bellandur and play Badminton for 2 hours, around 7-9 pm. Though not every day, I make sure at least during alternate days I get to play the sport.  I think the main motive of playing a sport is to lose all the work stress and to gain fitness. It also helps in having a sound sleep and detoxes the body.

During weekdays, the matches are conducted for 2 hours. Citi Nest – 8.30 to 10.30 pm, Feather touch – 8.30 to 10.30 pm, Play mania 7-9 pm and during weekends morning – 8 to 10 am and 6 to 8 pm. So you can always choose your slots.

6. Who are the main guns behind the success and the operations of the community?

Well, there are a lot of people who are constantly contributing to the growth of the community. But then few people need a mention. Charchita Pramanik, my wife and the founder of Crazzy Shuttlers, Sailendra, a dear friend, Dev from Assam, Varun who is also a tournament player and has won various matches in Bangalore, Nisha from Bihar who works in Accenture and takes care of Play Mania, Rohit who handles Citi Nest and Samik who handles operations at Feather touch.

7. Apart from the regular events, what kind of special events do you conduct? Do you do any fund raising events?

2 years ago, we conducted a special Badminton tournament for people aged 45 years and above at Basavanagudi. We got some amazing response from the crowd. The participants really enjoyed the tournament and helped us raise funds for a cause. We conducted another event during October for Cancer awareness. All fund raising events are organized on approach basis.

8. How is Badminton picking up in the city?

After the heroics of Saina Nehwal and P.V Sindhu, the sport has got some really crazy support. Suddenly there was an uproar of interest and people started thronging the coaching academies. In one year we have seen a terrific increase in the number of Badminton venues across Bangalore which is a great thing.

8. And why do you think people should start playing Badminton?

play mania crazzy shuttlers

If you are looking to play a sport of any choice, then Badminton should be your preferred sport. It is very easy to pick compared to other racquet sports like Tennis which demands a lot of practice and fitness. Unlike Football where you need to put in an entire team, Badminton requires just one other individual, a shuttlecock and a racquet to begin. Aged people can also play the sport with ease. Moreover, the no. of facilities for Badminton is plenty, so why not hit the courts, sweat it out and work on your fitness?

9. Out of curiosity, are you into any other sports as well?

I run a cycling club as well, named as Bangalore Cyclists Group. We have around 4000-5000 members making it one of the largest cycling communities in the country. There is also another group called as SimplypeDal.

Well, if you are looking to play Badminton sometime and you reside in Bangalore, you should definitely be a part of Crazzy Shuttlers. If you are looking for Badminton courts around the city, then download the PLAYO app on your phone and get in your buddies to play with.

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