Cycling To Work- An Insane Idea or A Healthy Boon

“Life is like riding a cycle, to stay in balance you need to keep moving.”- Albert Einstein.

How do you commute to your work place which is 5km away? Which means of communication would you prefer to reach a meeting venue located just 1.5km from your office? How would you travel to meet a friend who lives 10 blocks adjacent to home? The answers to these questions probably are- either by a car or an auto. Off-late, we have conveniently forgotten the golden days of our childhood when we could just cycle anywhere and everywhere. Most of us will come up with various excuses like we do not have the time to ride a cycle or cycling is a just different way of sitting. I beg to differ, to ride a cycle and sitting aren’t the same. Yes, you are sitting while cycling but there is blood gushing through your veins and your legs are constantly in motion. After reading the benefits, you would definitely start cycling to work every day!

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There are several benefits of cycling; fastest means of communication being the best. Additionally, cycling boosts confidence as it makes you feel great and look fitter. Another benefit of cycling would be the abundant amount of sunlight that your body absorbs. While you cycle, your body releases endorphins and adrenalin which boosts your mood in return. You can consider cycling solo or in a group, this increases your social circle. These people will be the ultimate source of motivation when you have those lazy days. If you are looking for more motivation, then let me tell you that cycling helps you lose weight and get back in shape.

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If you are a person who enjoys junk food then cycling can help you burn those extra calories. You are then licensed to enjoy guilt-free craving of second breakfast for the day. Cycling can cut down the risk of heart and lung disease. Besides, when you ride a cycle, your heartbeat increases and blood is pumped throughout the body. Likewise, riding a cycle improves your navigation skills as you are the in charge of finding out routes for yourself. When you travel by car, no effort is put on any muscle but while cycling, your legs, hands and mind are in sync. A lot of exercises is involved when you cycle, go to the office and cycle back home, this ensures a good night sleep.

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Apparently, cycling also improves your cognitive power by several degrees. This happens because the blood flow is increased which leads to the increment in grey matter. Although cycling is not all about getting breathless and increasing heartbeat, it is much more than that. When you ride a cycle, your awareness increases with regards to space and environment. You cannot deny the fact that, it also makes your reflexes pretty strong. The benefits can be seen pretty soon and you will be amazed by the difference it makes. Next time when you perfectly balance the wobbly shopping cart, you know whom to thank!

When in doubt, just pedal it out! Let us know the advantages of cycling that you have noticed. Want some more motivation to start cycling to work? Read about Adarsh Shetkar, who cycles all the way from Vijaynagar to ITPL for work!

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