A lot of football clubs have sprung to life and a lot have shut down but Indian football has continued to move forward.  While the top division clubs have seen a decrement over the years, the lower division clubs have risen and with a dream of making it big. The sheer will to represent their region in the top tire of Indian football has been a primary reason in their birth and the steady building process.

But while a few of the lower division clubs come from a football pocket and/or well funded, the others aren’t as fortunate, operating on limited budget and have a task of getting fans on-board.

Delhi United FC’s sudden move

The Capital is one such region that is marred with the problem. But one of the premier clubs from Delhi has launched a disruptive move in a bid to change the football landscape in the city. A move that sees Delhi United FC as the first truly people’s club (despite the Aizawl FC having the tagline of “the people’s club), the long standing club has launched a public ownership scheme. The club has opened up its ownership shares to the general public and fans. The club shall have several membership divisions mainly divided into founder member and club member. Each founder member then has the opportunity for a raise in the membership category into gold member, premier member depending on their contribution to the growth. Each founder member shall have 100 stakes to him.

The motive of the scheme is to pump the club with ideas, some monetary benefit and build fan engagement and acquisition. The members shall be involved with the operations of the club that shall build strong affinity and alliance towards the club.

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How can you buy a share?

Delhi United has put 15000 shares at stake which sees them having a maximum of 150 founder members. Each member shall be charged a one-time registration fee of 10,000 from every member which shall raise the valuation of the club instantly. The founder members shall further pay the club a fee of 1000 per month.

The club members on the contrary pay around a 100/month and enjoy voting rights. The club in exchange, has planned for schemes to get double of the investments through coupons for different companies.

Looking at a really big picture, the club through this membership drive, aim to achieve:

1) To be the first I-league People’s Football Club from India representing it’s capital Delhi

2) To be a club run by the people directly participating & involving in all major decision making of the club.

3) To develop football among youth & awareness about football among residents of Delhi NCR

4) To utilise the strength of ‘United’ people to achieve club’s short term & long term goals.

5) To develop first People’s Football Stadium in India with proper facilities & recreational activities for Members.

6) To setup a world class Residential academy

7) To develop a much needed football culture in Delhi NCR

8) To encourage other clubs to opt for similar model in their respective states to grow football there.

The club reportedly has done well in the direction with over 90 enquiries in less than three days. The club is still evaluating the applications as they claim to be interested in only the genuinely potential contributors towards the success of the club.

How would you rate this move by the club? And do you think more clubs should go this way?

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