Do These Badminton Drills To Notice A Big Difference

Wall rally and swings are small drills you can do daily to notice a big difference in your game.


The wall rally

The wall rally drill or wall practice, as popularly called among badminton players. It is a drill where a player should stand in front of the wall and continuously hit the shuttle on the wall.

A player can start with their forehand and aim to hit the shuttle as many times as possible on the wall.

The wall being a hard surface offers a lot of resistance and no bounce at all. Due to this, you have to hit the shuttle hard enough and even with some direction in mind. Ensure that it actually comes back towards you.

The shuttle needs to be guided by you correctly. Hit on the wall in such a manner that you can keep on going 20 to 30 to 50 times without stopping.

It is hard to keep the rally going on with the wall for long, but as you keep practising, you will get used to it and will get better at it.

Wall practice is beneficial for players in a lot of different ways. During the wall practice drill, in order to successfully return, the player needs to be on their toes.

They can’t just stand up straight and expect to successfully return the shot. Being on your toes is very essential during a game of badminton as it keeps you ready and alert.

Wall practice plays a big role in strengthening one’s arm and forearm. Continuously hitting the shuttle on the wall will load the muscles that are used in sending the shuttle across the net. By doing this drill religiously, one will find that they are able to send the shuttle back with more ease and force.

Lastly, the wall rally helps in gaining control. By continuously hitting the shuttle on the wall you will gain control over your shots. Enabling you to have better command on the shuttle.

The wall rally drill can be performed anywhere and you do not need to depend on other players to be present. You do not even need to go to the badminton court, you can perform this rally anywhere.

This is what wall rally drill looks like:

Swings Drill

Again, the beauty of the swings drill is that it can be performed anywhere without depending on anyone. You can even do this at home and in front of a mirror.

The swings drill is a drill where a player will make the same stroking actions that one makes while actually hitting the shuttle. These strokes include the toss action, the smash action and even the lift and net keep actions.

While making the swing actions, one has to make sure that along with the hand making the swing the legs should start and end to move in the correct manner too.

Just swinging the arm in the stroking action without moving the legs in the right manner is incomplete. If you are a right-handed player you have to start with your left foot forward and right leg back. While making the swing, the right foot will move forward. If you are a left-handed player, it is the opposite.

The benefit of practising is that a player’s arm will move in the correct manner and in the correct direction when playing on the court.

If one keeps practising the correct hand swing/ arm movements off the court, again and again, he/she will find it very easy to translate the right movement on court.


These small but effective drills can be performed anywhere, especially if you don’t access to a court. Try these drills and you will notice a difference soon.


Nidhi Patel