Change is in the air. So while cricket is a very popular sport in certain belts, the youngsters seem to be drifting a bit away from it. This very reason led to the creation of Kwik Cricket, a game that is a faster version of the sport apt for this fast world.

What is Kwik Cricket?

A sport invented to let kids get a feel of the game in a quick, fun and entertaining manner so as to promote them to pick the main sport. Very similar to how gully cricket is played, Kwik cricket is played with plastic bat, ball and wickets so as to do away with the need of any protective gear.

It also uses plastic cones to mark the legitimate area to bowl in, failing which the delivery is considered wide and needs to be re-bowled.

A versatile sport, it has a flexible set of rules that can be varied depending on the number of players available. The sport also provides for a change in the pitch length as per the area available at any particular instant.

Kwik Cricket can be made easier, or difficult depending on the level of players, by not just playing around with the length of the pitch but also the distance of the boundaries.

Forms of Kwik Cricket:

There are many forms of Kwik cricket, but the following three are practiced the most:

  • Pairs Kwik Cricket

Here the main aim is to score as many runs as possible. Pair with most runs, wins!

  • Here the teams are mainly divided into pairs.
  • To play this form, ideally 8-10 players are needed. Not more, not less.
  • 4-5 pairs are formed from the set of players.
  • The first pair becomes the two batsmen who begin with a score of 20 runs.
  • The second pair comprises of one wicket keeper and one bowler
  • The 3rd pair is the set of 2 leg fielders
  • The 4th pair is the set of 2 offside fielders.
  • The remaining pair also take up some place on the field.
kwik cricket kid

Image: Carlton Cricket Club

Each pair gets 12 balls to play and need to score as much as they can of it. Rules as in cricket apply with wide balls, no balls resulting in one run and an extra ball. As for every time a wicket falls, 3 runs are deducted from the batting pair’s score.

The turn then switches and the entire set of pairs move a position to let the 2nd pair bat and so on.

Pairs cricket can be modified in case of more players where a team comprises of 8 players. There are 8 overs bowled with 4 balls each. The batsmen are still divided into pairs and each pair bats 2 overs (8 balls). The score starts from 200 here and 5 runs deducted every time a wicket falls.

  • The Lords game

Here there are two teams comprising of 4-5 members each. Both teams play 2 innings with a batting time of 10 minutes for each innings.

One bowler is chosen from the fielding side with him needing to bowl underarm; the common way of bowling in Kwik cricket. Each batsman bats for 6 balls. And unlike earlier, here a new batsman replaces the dismissed batsman.

The pitch is designed differently here with just one set of stumps and the bowling mark kept at 10m from the batsman. There are 2 lines drawn from the stumps, one closer, the other further away.

People playing kwik cricket

Image: Thorpe Hall Primary School

The runs are scored in the following way:

  • One run to hit the ball past both lines
  • One run is scored for running to the first line and back
  • Two runs are scored for running to the second line and back.
  • Four runs awarded for crossing the boundary.
  • Continuous Kwik Cricket

This form of kwik cricket is played in teams of 5-6 who then take turns to bat for a predefined period of time (usually set at 10 minutes).

Quite similar to Lords game, here as well, the pitch comprises of just one set of stumps, albeit, the lines are replaced by cones which are kept on either side of the wicket at a certain distance.

Runs here are scored by running around the corners. Drawing some similarity to baseball, here the batsman has to run around the cones irrespective of the ball hitting the bat or no.

A batsman can be out bowled, caught or run out and as in Lords game, is replaced by the new batter.

And as it always is; the team with most runs wins.


Are you ready to try out this sport? You could play this in your Backyard anytime with your kids. Have fun playing Kwik Cricket. Also if you are aware of any other new sport that you would like to share with us, take it to the comments.

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