Here Are A Few Ways You Can Fix Your Forehand Problems

Having forehand problems can be a nightmare for a Tennis player! Forehand is the most basic stroke in the game of Tennis. It is one of the first strokes that are taught to all beginners who are new to the Tennis world. It is said to be one of the easier strokes to learn and get a grasp off.

In a game like Tennis, there is a lot of room for error, and even the people who are at the top tend to make mistakes in strokes as basic as forehand.

You may be facing power and consistency related problems, but do not worry, these are not too hard to fix.

Here is a list of common forehand problems and how to fix them:

#1. Hitting long or overshooting the lines:

A very common reason as to why your ball goes long is because there is a very good chance your wrist is turning in an upward direction which is causing your racket too, to turn upwards just moments before you’re about to hit the ball.

As you are about to take the backswing, turn your racket face downwards.

#2. Hitting the ball into the net:

This is a very common problem that players of all levels face throughout matches and even practice. Chances are you are hitting the ball a bit too late. If you contact the ball farther forward, then you racket head will have opened up more which will result in you hitting higher.

Another reason is that you may be taking an unnecessarily big backswing which causes a delay in contacting the ball.

#3. Not enough power:

While hitting a shot, if your muscles are very tight then it is likely that your power while hitting the shot will be decreased. You will be able to hit harder if your motion is loose and quick. While hitting a shot use your entire body. Do not only let your arms do all the work.

Your backswing should be short and sweet.

#4. During your follow-through, do not cross your arms:

After contacting the ball, players tend to cross arms or hug themselves so as to say. This is wrong and can also make you lose power. It can put you in an uncomfortable position.

This is a technical mistake made by players and this will be a hindrance for a player to rotate theirs correctly during forehand.

Watch this detailed video to learn how to hit the forehand shot correctly:

Forehand is the easiest of all strokes. The earlier you master it, the better you will be able to perform.

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Nidhi Patel