Thanks to the myriad opinions and disconnected information regarding the fitness industry, you’ll find a ton of fitness myths floating around on the world wide web. Among this mountain of misinformation, there is one belief that holds sway with the majority of our population — that intense cardio sessions are the most effective way to lose weight.

While cardio is certainly essential for weight loss, running on the treadmill for hours isn’t the most sensible or practical way to lose weight.

If you really want to stay committed to your weight-loss goals, consider integrating strength training into your workout. Here’s why.

Burn More Calories

Intense cardio sessions will help you lose a substantial amount of weight, but only while you’re performing the activity; your body stops burning calories the moment you’re done with your workout.

On the other hand, strength training helps to build muscle, and muscles need to continuously burn calories to stay in shape. This means that even while you’re resting, your muscles will help your body stave off the extra calories, keeping your weight in check.

Do push ups

Of course, you’ll lose more weight in an hour of cardio than you will during an hour of strength training. But thanks to a higher metabolic rate, and an after-workout burn that lasts at least 24 hours, strength training will help you get rid of fat in the long run.

Improve Coordination

Strength training makes your body stronger, enhances your coordination, and improves bone density. This will give you more control over your body’s mechanics and allow you to perform more physically-challenging activities.

With the enhanced strength and coordination, you can push your body during a workout session to achieve better results.

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Eat Healthy

Considering that you’re aiming at weight loss, eating nutritious food is a given. However, if you focus solely on cardio to lose weight, you’ll have to reduce your consumption every time you drop a few kilos, just to stay at the same BMI.

Eat healthy

If you include strength training to your workout, your muscles will crave calories just to replenish themselves. So, in essence, you can consume a wholesome, healthy diet and still continue to lose weight at the same rate.

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Protect Muscles

Another prime reason to pair strength training with cardio is due to the detrimental effect that long cardio sessions have on your body.

Most cardio workouts do not build muscle, and intense workouts can even wear out your muscles, making you weaker and lowering your metabolic rate. With a reduced metabolic rate, you will find it even harder to lose weight.

Person lifting dumbbell

By including strength training, you can protect your muscles from the regular wear and tear that accompanies cardio sessions.

These are a few reasons to include strength training in your weight-loss program. Besides the benefit of losing weight, strength training also teaches you to be disciplined and improves your overall mood.

So if you’re working your way to a healthier mind and body, strength training is vital.

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