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How Much Sugar Is Too Much Sugar?

Even though most of us have a sweet tooth, consuming sugar on a daily basis is just not good for you. That includes all your chocolates, pastries, doughnuts, cookies etc.

Once in a while, consuming is okay. But do you know where to draw the line? Are you aware of how much sugar is too much?

Well if you’re exactly sure, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to tell you how much sugar consumption is okay.

Firstly, it is important to know that sugar is basically just empty calories. It has no nutritive value whatsoever. As most people are aware, regular consumption of it can lead to an increase in weight, can block your arteries and ruin your metabolism in the long run.

Secondly, it is imperative to know that there is a huge difference between added sugar and foods that naturally contain it. Mostly fruits and vegetables contain sugar that is in its natural form. Consuming these are not harmful, but adding sugar to certain food can be harmful.

Foods that are processed, tetra packed and preserved tend to contain sugar. This additional is what makes these foods so delicious and addictive. If you want to regulate your weight, you should avoid consuming these kinds of food.

So what is the safe amount of sugar one can consume?

There is no easy way of answering this question. This is because there are people who consume it in excess and find no harm done to them. At the same time, there are those who consume and find their body gaining weight.

But if you have to put a hard number on how much is okay, then the American Heart Association has deducted the following:

-For men, they say the most they can consume is: 9 teaspoons, i.e 150 calories.

-For women, they say the most they can consume is 6 teaspoons, i.e 100 calories.

To put that into perspective, that is more or else the equivalent of consuming one can of coke. A lot of people find it hard to stop at just that. 

Consuming sugar makes you want to consume more. That one coke or one bar of chocolate tends to never remain that way. It can be like a drug can be highly addictive. Hence it is difficult to stop. 

This is one of the main reasons people should be wary of how much sugar they consume. It is hard to put a full-stop, but it crucial to do so.

Consuming an excess of sugar not only makes you put on weight, but it even changes the hormonal balance in your body that is responsible for many functions in the body. Consuming an excess of sugar loads the pancreas to produce more insulin. 

Higher levels of insulin mean a higher amount of fat stored in the body. Watch the amount of added sugar and processed food you eat. Make a conscious effort to consume these kinds of food on rare occasions.


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Nidhi Patel