When people first decide to take up Badminton as a hobby, they’re fine playing with any old racquet they can get their hands on. But as you invest more time in the game, you need to get out there and buy a racquet that suits your gameplay.

Once you have a racquet that you feel comfortable with, you can work on your shots and slowly improve your game.

Most players make the mistake of buying the same racquet that their favourite player uses, or a racquet that a friend recommended to them. However, if you want to make the most of your investment, you’ll need to set aside some time to visit the store and select the ideal Badminton racquet for you. Here’s what to keep in mind when choosing a Badminton racquet.


The racquet you select should weigh anywhere between 85g and 92g. The heavier the racquet, the more power it will allow you to generate, while a lighter racquet will give you more control of your shots.

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If you’re just starting out, it’s best to purchase a light racquet as it makes service a lot easier. Lighter racquets also have a lower impact on your wrists, back, and shoulders, reducing the chance of injury. When you’re checking out the racquets in the shop, keep in mind that the strings and the grip will add a few grams to the overall weight. So select a racquet that’s slightly lighter than what you’re comfortable with.

Stiffness of the Shaft

The shaft is that portion of the racquet between the grip and the strings. When buying a racquet, you can choose between:

  1. A flexible shaft which bends as you swing
  2.  A stiff shaft which does not budge while you swing

If you’re a beginner, it’s better to use a racquet with a flexible shaft as they offer more repulsion and reduce the amount of strength required to send the shuttlecock back over. This will allow you to focus more on mastering the technique.

Stiff shafts, on the other hand, require a lot more strength to wield.


There are two types of racquet frames – isometric (squarish) and the conventional or oval-shaped ones. They’re both relatively the same except for one thing – the sweet spot.

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The sweet spot is located near the centre of the string bed of the racquet. Most players try to ensure that the shuttlecock lands on the sweet spot as that’s where maximum power is generated.

An isometric-shaped racquet frame increases the chances that the shuttlecock will land in the sweet spot. So if you’re investing a racquet, you may as well get yourself one with an isometric frame.

Take Your Time

There is no one-size-fits-all racquet in any sport, and it’s important to take out some time just to find a racquet that you’re comfortable playing with. It will lower the risk of an injury, allow you to learn more, and make the game far more enjoyable.

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