The myth about “You get fit only when you go to the gym” is fast spreading in today’s world. Who started this? Absolutely insane. Fitness lies in every little thing we do. As kids, all that we did was, we went to school.

Why did we go to school? Because we had friends to play with. What did we do when we got back home? We finished our homework as fast as possible, so Mommy let us play. What did we do when we had holidays? Secretly signaled to our folks from the neighborhood to bring their sports gears for that one match you had waited to play for the entire day.

Our fitness takes a dip as we grow with age and choosing to escape “Play” from our lives could be one of the prime factors in addition to our food habits. Let’s start small today in order to get fit. Of course, vowing to improve your health will be on your priority list for sure the coming year.

We suggest you try these sports, not so vigorously, but at least once every week to get back on track with your health.

1) Football

Nobody wants you to play soccer like a pro, but it doesn’t kill to dribble the ball. Gather a bunch of buddies for the weekend, go to a nearby facility and you can burn some calories while having fun.

Why Football?

Tones your muscles, improves flexibility and endurance and helps burn tons of calories.


2) Basketball

Pocketing a Ball inside a Basket is no easy. But once you start playing, this sport gets really addictive. Basketball involves a bit of technique but it is hell a lot fun to play, with a bunch of folks or alone as well.

Why Basketball?

Helps build team work and co-ordination, burns around 600-800 calories, improves concentration.

3) Table Tennis

The space you are gonna be running around is limited but you are gonna be running around a lot. Table Tennis is the bomb. Played in 2s or 4s, this sport tests a person’s agility. It’s a great leisure sport.

Tablel tennis game

Image: Kettler

Why Table Tennis?

Relieves Joints, Improves Concentration, Strengthens limbs.

4) Tennis

Too hard to master but never too much fun to try it out. You can sweat it out with your boss or your buddies on a game of Tennis and you will start playing more of this.

Kids playing Tennis

Image: Time Out

Why Tennis?

Regulates heart rate and blood pressure, increases metabolism, strengthens the bones, helps in weight loss.

 5) Throwball

By far, this is the easiest sport to learn. All of us would have played “Catch-the-ball” when we were kids. So it’s more or less similar but with the rules.

Throwball action

Image: Shah Satnam Ji PG Girl’s College Sirsa

Why Throwball?

Strengthens your hands and also your legs, improves hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

6) Badminton

This is one good sport to burn that extra-fat from your body. It makes you run on your feet, use your hand, makes you co-ordinate your hand with your eyes. It helps you burn around 450 calories in an hour.

Why Badminton?

Weights loss, Muscle tone, Mobility.

You don’t have to pay a monthly or yearly cheque and enroll yourself in a gym to lose weight. How many of us even make it to the gym every day? Let’s be honest, it’s not really happening. Instead, do something we have been doing since childhood. I bet you all agree it’s more fun. Of course, the effort is still the same. But putting your feet through the grass cutting your feet and losing calories is more fun than Running on a lame Treadmill.

PLAYO helps you find sports venues in and around your city where you can drag in a bunch of your folks to play with. If you don’t have a play-partner we help you figure out people who are looking for a game as well. Download the app on the play store/ios store and explore.

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