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How Important Is The Relation Between Techies And Sports

Techies and Sports- A road not taken

 It is a generally a rare sight of an IT professional investing time in sports. All of us usually picture techies as professionals sitting in front of a computer all day long, crunching numbers and codes. However, what most of us overlook is the negative impact of such a mechanistic routine on our body.

A regular day of an IT professional involves exposure to their computer screens for 8- 10 hours on an average. Such a routine causes great mental tiredness, without a corresponding physical exhaustion, resulting in restlessness.


Therefore, coupling some form of physical training or activity with your mentally intensive job is imperative for a healthy life. In their world of development and testing, most techies forget to take some time to flex their muscles. This can have serious repercussions in the long run. So if you are an IT professional seeking a long and healthy life, now is the time to start playing sports, for leisure and fun, or maybe professionally. 

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Techies and Sports- Is it a good idea?

If you are a techie, you would have wondered at least once in your life whether investing time in sports will actually produce any tangible benefits. You must remember that playing sports may not necessarily add digits to your pay package, but it will definitely add quality to your living and years to your life.

If you are still doubtful if playing sports is a good idea, consider the following benefits before making the final call-

  • A temporary escape from the monotonous way of life-

While you may love your job crunching on the keyboard all day, a point comes where you want an escape. Sports provide the best retreat you can think of. Playing a sport can help you distract your mind from work and reenergize your brain.

A small break from work to spend some time playing a sport can give you a fresh perspective, especially when you are frustrated. Years straight working behind your computer screen can take a toll on your psychological well being. This accumulating pressure needs a way out. That way out is taking up a sport and playing it regularly.

  • A way to reactivate your brain-

For an IT professional, a fully active and all-time functioning brain is vital. Unless you can conceive codes and digital solutions in your head, you cannot realize them on your screen. While it is true that the brain works 24 hours every day, overworking it can lead to permanent exhaustion. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your brain gets its share of rest too.

In addition, the brain needs sufficient oxygen and blood supply to function. Playing sports is the easiest and most effective way of facilitating blood circulation in the body. Therefore, sports can help you perform better by reenergizing and revitalizing your brain. Invest your time in sports and witness it translating to greater productivity.

  • An easy option to stay physically fit-

If you have been a techie for over a year, you will not be alien to the myriad of backaches and body stiffness the job brings along. Sitting behind the screen, it is only your brain and eyes that exercise, while the rest of the body starts decaying. Playing a sport can prevent you from looking and feeling 60 at 40.

Sports can provide you with an opportunity to stretching your muscles and exercise the rest of your body too. As a hobby or professionally, sports will ensure that you don’t contact any pains or problems that IT professionals generally do. Also, a situation of playing a sport sounds much better than a super expensive session of physiotherapy. Doesn’t it?

  • A roadmap to a better social life- 

If you are a techie and your work commitments prevent you from having a social life, take up a sport. It is a proven fact that sports combat stress and increases self-confidence. It is convenient for a techie to reach up to a fellow player to talk and socialize than reaching out to someone in a formal social gathering.

Since you spend most of your time conversing with your computer, a little human interaction would definitely feel nice. Additionally, sports will encourage a sense of team spirit and may be a great way to foster greater dialogue among your team members.

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Techies and Sports- A step closer to a better life

Summing up the benefits it is no surprise that if you are a techie playing a sport will improve your life for the better. Sports will equip you with all the tools to improve the quality of your life along with all fronts. Physically, it will make you fit and maintain a healthy shape.

Mentally, it will keep you energized and active. Socially, it will help you interact and converse more. And professionally, it will help you perform better. Therefore, a step towards playing a sport will be a step towards an improved life.             

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