With the night all about Kohli’s heroics, the trip-down-the-memory-lane tweet from Aaron Finch where he pleads Kohli to not make batting look so easy so as to stop causing embarrassment for the other batters in the World comes to fort; but here we analyse an issue in place which might remain hidden with Kohli doing what he does. The Rahane-Rohit pair is definitely not working out for the Indian Cricket Team.

Third game in a row, India has failed to stick a good opening partnership together and with India having managed to win 2 off the three games, less notice have been taken of the fact that there exists a pinching problem at the top of the order for India, which could come back and bite them in games to come.

Now while Rohit Sharma has made a mark as an opener having scored two double hundreds among a few other special innings, Rahane despite being a quality batsman and one who can play at any no. has failed to stamp his authority on the spot. The problem probably doesn’t exist in him being an opener, but the fact that the pair doesn’t go well with modern day cricket.

Rohit Sharma, who constantly failed in the middle order for India almost instantly made an impact at the top of the order. Now one of the prime reasons for the same for me was that his style of batting needed time and what better position than the opening slot given he possesses all the skills and technique necessary to deal with the early movement, bounce and pace.

Rahane too has a similar batting style and boasts of the same attributes, albeit not aggressive as Rohit in the later stages of his innings. Now as we all know, pairs need to complement each other. But here the persisting problem is the similar styles of play of both our openers. With Rahane also needing time to settle in before he can play his shots, the initial overs are slow for the team and bowlers get a grip into the game.

Going back in time, Sehwag and later Dhawan used to play the accelerator which allowed the likes of Sachin, Gambhir and Rohit time to build their innings and then later do the damage. In current scenario where cricket has changed and high totals of the 90’s and early 2000’s being below par, each team prefers to have a complementary pair, which currently isn’t the case for India.

Similarly on 23rd October, 2016 as India came out to chase 285, there was initial pressure built on the team with both batsmen taking their time. The total may not be as high as they go these days which allowed the batsmen coming in later time to still accelerate and win it; might not be the case all the time.

While Rahane and Rohit are brilliant players, as a pair, the duo seem feeble. With Rohit having proven his credentials as an opener, the only obvious choice is to move Rahane down the order to probably number 4 which suits his style a lot more. As for the opening slot, someone like a KL Rahul could be tried or even Manish Pandey who can both play their shots from the off and could be good complementary players to Rohit.

manish pandey playing for india

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I am sure, all of you reading this have your opinions too. Please shoot your opinions in comments and let’s have an interesting discussion on this.

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