All You Need To Know About The Fascinating Leg Glance In Cricket

The leg lance, also called the hip glance, is a fine straight-batted shot played at a ball directed on the leg side. It’s called the hip glance because it seems as if the ball is moving away from the player’s leg or hip. It was Maharaja Ranjitsinhji who invented this shot. He was a right-handed batsman and played during the 1890s for England, Cambridge University, London County, Sussex cricket teams.  From 1895 he surpassed 1000 runs in 10 consecutive seasons, passing 3000 in 1899 and 1900.

This stroke is played off the toes, shin or hip. Here the batsman hits the balls so that it goes in the direction of the fine leg area. The god of Indian Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, played this shot like a pro. Inzamam-ul-Haq and Mohammad Yousuf were among other prominent batsmen who played the leg glance.

The Front Foot Leg Glance

The front foot leg glance is more a diversion rather than a stroke because it depends on the speed of the ball. The placement comes from a sweep of the wrists at the moment of impact, so the bat face is angled rather than straight. Ensure that your head is over the ball, with your weight on your front foot. This will keep the ball on the ground, instead of than flying precariously in the air.

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In order to play the front foot leg lance, you should focus on your pace. Firstly, slightly bend towards the line of the ball with your head and front shoulder, placing the weight on the bent front leg. Then bring your bat through on a straight line, turning the bat face slightly towards the leg side and making contact with the ball in front of the front pad. Handle the shot with the top hand, hitting the ball away.

And there’s Back Foot Leg Glance too

If a batsman can play the back foot leg glance well, he can easily score runs behind the wicket on the leg side. Most of the batsmen are very capable when the ball is pitched on or around leg stump. The timing and command of the shot come from the wrists. Any small deviation at the moment of the shot will close the face of the bat, leading the ball to the boundary. A proper balance is needed while playing this shot, with your head over the ball. It’s an eminent shot to play against opening bowlers because it depends on the ball coming onto the bat.

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In order to play the back foot leg glance, you need to work mainly on timing. Firstly, you need to move both your feet back towards the stumps, open your body out towards the ball and ensure that you keep your leg stump covered. Then with your head forward and in line with the ball, bring your bat through in a straight line and turning the bat face slightly towards the leg side. Make contact with the ball in front of the body. Handle the shot with the top hand, hitting the ball away.

You can practice this skill by playing it with a teammate or a trainer while trying to hit the ball between two posts. You need to put your body and eye aligned that is behind the ball. Use your bat to hit the ball towards the other side of the field then. Try with a fast bowler from your team because it works well. Keep the shot and lean towards the ball for the perfect stroke.

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