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Here is a awesome beach sports list you must check out next time you visit the beach.

Looking for a list of beach sports? The definition of a fine holiday, like an actual holiday where you relax and you see places and things at your own means and not in the ‘wake up at 6 am and visit museums and sight seeing’ kind of situation is, a beach vacation. PERIOD.

I honestly don’t see the point of stressing yourself out and having a more hectic schedule than usual on a holiday or having to deal with really cold whether! Let me tell you this, it’s not a holiday if you are holed up all day long under 10 layers of thermal wear and sweaters in a cottage for 5 days. Why? Because you come back fat, with all that comfort food that you eat due to the coldness outside, you haven’t really seen anything because it’s so cold and finally, you can’t really play a sport! Well, at least not the way you can if you are at a beach!

There are so so so many sports that you can play by the beach and you get to keep that memory until your next vacation! At another beach of course!

If I haven’t sold you the beach vacation idea yet, let me tell you what you can play by the beach, to make it the best vacation you have ever taken.

1) Beach Handball:

Also known as sand ball, is played with a two teams comprising of four players each. Now the basic trick of the game is the use your hands to score, that’s a lot easier for new bees, like me! You can afford to get real artsy with this one. If you want to perform some stunts, go for it because that will help fetch you brownie points!

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2) Body Surfing:

Now I must definitely caution those who cannot swim well, have hydrophobia of sorts and people who are generally prone to accidents not to try this without an instructor who can guide you properly. Body surfing is a substitute sport to surfing wherein the substitution takes place with your body, replacing the surfboard. There are various styles that you can adapt, like the bullet, the windmill and the handcuff.

3) Water Skiing:

This is quite a popular sport and is pretty safe for those who aren’t impetuous by nature. So you basically wear a life jacket and stand on a board that’s a little smaller than a surfboard. A boat pulls you along the water at high speed and you can either choose to be boring and go straight or you can choose to bring out the daredevil in you can make some S shaped curves along the way! I can assure you of one thing though, at the end of it, you will be high on adrenaline.

4) Banana Boat:

I tried this one personally and thought it would be lame and slow but boy was I wrong! This banana ride is so much fun and the perfect definition of looks can be deceiving! It can seat up to 5 people comfortably and they take you far away from the shore, move in crazy patterns and basically attempt to throw you off! Its good fun for a group kind of sport.

5) Beach Frisbee:

I took my newfound love of ultimate Frisbee with me on this trip and converted it into Beach Frisbee (pretty sure it already exists but my friends don’t need to know that). The beauty of this sport is that it must be played close to the water. That experience of water and sand along with concentrating on the Frisbee gives it a different feel; try adding a touch of sunset to really get a wholesome experience.


Beach holidays are definitely the best kind of holiday and adding these sports to your holiday regime can help spice it up and make it unforgettable.

If you are planning to take your doggies out to the beach, try out: Sports that can be played with your furry friends.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your Beach vacation today and get going this weekend!


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