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The pandemic that struck the globe led to the suspension of the Olympics scheduled for 2021. With the rise in cases, the organizers had no choice but to push the same to 2021. This has both pros and cons for participants. It has also

The biggest plus for the postponement of the same is the introduction of new disciplines to the prestigious competition. This addition gives the players of the games a chance to compete against the best in the world. Some of the games will be available on sportsbooks and you can place wagers if you are looking at this as a money-making venture. If you want to predict the outcomes without spending a dime you can consider casino bonus offers to make this a reality. 

The sports debuting in the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to begin on the 23rd of July and end on the 8th of August avail more entertainment for the audience. Competition for these games has been held in different tournaments with less publicity and access for sports lovers who enjoy watching them. Below are some of the games that you get to enjoy when you watch the Tokyo Olympics. Read on to know if your favorite game will be making a debut. 

New sports at Tokyo Olympics



Surfing is a water sport in which an individual, a surfer, utilizes a board to ride on the forward segment or face, of a moving wave of water, which normally conveys the surfer towards the shore. Waves appropriate for riding are principally found on seashores, yet can likewise be found in standing waves in the untamed sea, in lakes, in waterways as a sea swell, or in wave pools. Luckily for surfers, Japan has some of the best resources for surfing that they will utilize as they compete against each other. 

The debut of this sport will be experienced at the spectacular Pacific Coast of Japan. The competitors in this category have to compete against the other participants and the forces of nature to emerge victoriously. Surfing enthusiasts have a chance to enjoy watching the best in the world compete against each other. The addition of this game in the Olympics also motivates the younger athletes to perfect their craft as the opportunities are opening up on a global scale. Competing in the Pacific waters is a dream for many surfers; hence, the Tokyo games 2021 gives those who qualified for the same a monumental leap in their surfing careers. 



Karate is a sport that traces its origin back to Japan. It is a centuries-old sport that has finally received much-anticipated recognition on the global platform. Toward the beginning of August, 80 finalists, half men, and half ladies will go head to head in two rivalries in individualized structure, ritualized solo activities, and six contests in Kumite, the fighting that is more recognizable to unfamiliar crowds. 

The debut for Karate is on the Nippon Budokan a significant and spiritual ground for Japanese martial arts. Although it is not on the program of games for the Paris 2024 Olympics, this introduction is a major leap in the recognition of Karate as a sport worth the Olympics audience. 

However, both competitors and enthusiasts are in talks with the organizing committee to request for the formal inclusion of the game in subsequent Olympics. The sport has over one hundred million international practitioners who wish to participate in international games at one point in their careers. Interestingly, the Tokyo games Olympic debut is set to happen in the same arena as the World Karate Championships which was in 1970. 



Skating is a type of entertainment and game, famous among adolescents, in which individual rides standing adjusted on a little board mounted on wheels. Thought about one of the alleged outrageous games, skating as a pro game flaunts a scope of rivalries. That includes vertical and road style occasions. 

Vertical skating highlights aeronautical tumbling acted fifty-fifty lines that were to imitate void pools. Road style highlights stunts acted in a genuine or reproduced metropolitan climate with steps, rails, edges, and different hindrances. Skating has created a young subculture that underscores imagination and singularity. It is one of the young and vibrant sports that the organizing committee added to the list of Tokyo games. It was to incorporate more youthful athletes in the competition. The two categories available for the Olympics are street and park. 

The street option mimics the real-life roads with stairs, curbs, and handrails among other features. The park version takes place with slopes and intricate curves. Skateboarding enthusiasts have a chance to watch the pros while at it and help improve their abilities and tricks. 

These three are not the only new disciplines in the Tokyo games 2021. Sport climbing and baseball are the other new categories that the committee has included in Olympics beginning this month. If you enjoy watching pitchers challenge batters with fast and precise pitches, watch the best in this year’s Olympics. Sports climbing on the other hand is a chance for competitors to prove their finger strength. There are three levels for this category; speed, boulder, and lead. Speed being the least difficult of the three and lead being the most challenging. 

This year’s Olympics will feature thirty-three sports at 339 events spread across 42 venues. Unfortunately, Japan has banned the entry of foreigners from 159 countries. This implies that international fans would not be allowed into the country to cheer due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Crowds are not permitted to occupy over 50% of the venues where the various events are to take place. For this reason, less than 10,000 locals will be able to witness the events live in the venues available. Tests for the athletes are paramount to contain the spread of the same among the competitors in the Olympics. 


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