Are You Doing These Off-Court Badminton Drills To Improve Your Speed

Do these off-court badminton drills to see a significant improvement in your game.


Badminton is a high-speed game that requires to make decisions in split seconds. There is no time to waste, and your feet need to move as fast or faster than your hands for you to sustain a rally.

Due to how fast the game is, one needs to focus on improving their speed not just to able to sustain, but also to enable themselves to reach the return to their shot. Source.

Footwork is of prime importance in Badminton. The faster your feet move, the quicker you will reach the shuttlecock and be able to give yourself enough time for the return.

To be quick and move fast, there are a lot of drills one can do off the court. It does not matter if you are a beginner or at an advanced level, these drills will help you anyway.

  1. Agility:

One is said to be nimble when one can move swiftly with ease. Hence to be able to move smoothly on the court, one should do agility based drills.

There are many variations of agility drills one can do.

If you are at home or on your terrace or even at a park, you can still perform on the spot agility drills. This type of agility entails a person to complete all the exercises on the spot itself. These are generally timed exercises.

No equipment is required, but if you have a stopwatch in hand, that would be very useful for you to time yourself. While doing On The Spot Agility, one should try and not stop for breaks in the middle.

It can get quite intensive, so if you are starting, doing 5-6 exercises for 10 seconds each is recommended, but once you find that easy, you should increase the number of exercises along with the time.

The below link is an example of what spot agility is, and you can add more exercises as and when you like:

The other form of agility is long agility which can be performed on the ground or in a park where there is more space around you. This can be performed with cones too.

Try these to improve your speed and footwork:

2. Ladder drills

Ladder drills is a more advanced variation to gain speed on the court. It helps in being quick and building strength in the legs.

These are very effective, and you will see the benefits soon if you do these drills regularly. Source.

This video will help guide you, and you can add your variations as and when you like:

3) Sprints

A sprint is a fast run but within a short distance. This is very useful for sportsmen of all sports besides badminton.
During sprinting the goal is to make sure that you start with a burst of speed and maintain it till the end as the distance to be covered is not that long.

Even if you have just started playing badminton, this will be very useful for you. It is recommended that you do 5-6 sprints in one set, take a break and repeat the same.

[pullquote]But as you feel like you are getting faster, you should increase that 5-6 to 9-10 per set and repeat the same set along with a short break in the middle.[/pullquote]

This is very useful as it can easily be incorporated into the court and you will see the results soon if you are consistent.

This video will help guide you to sprint correctly, with the right form:


Speed is essential in badminton, the more you practice these drills, the faster you’ll see the results.


Nidhi Patel