[Quiz] Match The Indian Sports Stars With The Sports They Play

India has produced some fabulous talents over the past few years making the country more and more proud with every passing day. The country has seen some serious improvement in terms of the infrastructure it has been providing for the training and development of the athletes. In the past decade, the progress has been noteworthy and the future looks promising as well.

Most of the Indian athletes who outshined in the international front have been young-bloods giving the nation a lot of hope to lurk on in the years to come. They will stand as a fitting example for the generations to come, urging them to take a step ahead and make sports their lifestyle. This attitude is very much necessary for the betterment of oneself and also to establish India as a frontrunner in the competitive Olympic-set.

Looking at all these years of immense effort and hard-work put in by these athletes to make a name for themselves, it is time we recognize them for their spirit. Come let’s take a quiz and check out how well we know about our National sports heroes.




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