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Sports And Its Benefits: Are You Ready To Start Playing Today?

Benefits of sports! When was the last time you played a sport? School? College? A few months ago? Yesterday? Most of us would have been ardent sports enthusiasts during school days playing Basketball, Cricket, Throwball, etc. But as time passed we slowly forgot playing outside to stay fit and rather resorted to gyms to hit Fitness goals. Why? Seriously why would you want to let go of all the fun? If you are thinking sports is a waste of time, then you might want to rethink about what sports do to you. There are tons of benefits you can garner out of playing sports regularly. Here’s some enlightenment for you!

1) Busts the stress out, BIG TIME!

Stress has become a dear friend these days with a survey stating that almost 46% of the working population in India are affected by it. This seems like a sad thing to encounter and realize but one should also have some equally important stress busters to maintain a balance in life and lead a healthier lifestyle. Sports has proven to be one of the best stress busters with most corporates leaning towards this idea to organize sports tournaments for the employees to counter-attack the stress the workload serves. So anytime you feel stressed, make sure you go play a sport to bust it out.

2) Happiness becomes a lifestyle

Playing sports releases a hormone in your body named “Dopamine”. This hormone is a neurotransmitter that sends signals to your brain making you feel pleasure and happiness. Thus for a reason “Dopamine” is called the “Happy Hormone”. This is the same hormone that is released into your blood when you eat chocolate/ice-cream or hug a person. By playing sports regularly, you can make Happiness a lifestyle and eliminate all the bad that’s been troubling you eventually.

3) Makes you super creative

Creativity is the key to wonders. What makes you a better person compared to your colleagues is your oodles of creativity. Sports is known to build creativity in a person as it eliminates the negative vibes and fills your head with positivity. A calm head is a key to wild imaginations, so don’t let the fire die within you. Go ahead and build a sport and boost your creative thoughts.

4) Builds Teamwork

Are you having troubles being a part of a Team and not knowing how to be a great Team player? Then our best suggestion is for you to pick a Team sport and play it with people you know or you have no idea about. For this, you can enroll yourself in various sports groups that are present in every city. When you get to play a sport as a Team, you understand how to establish a good rapport with the members of your Team and win at competitions. This way your Teamwork becomes your biggest strength.

5) Helps you manage your Time and Focus

Time management is the most important factor of productivity in this busy world. We either have Time for everything or we barely have time do things that we have to. If you are a bad manager of your Time, then take up a sport and start practicing regularly. Since every sport demands your focus, you will build your time management and focusing skills which also helps in your day to day lives.

If you were just wondering that Sports is just about fun and physical fitness, then you were missing on knowing about a lot of add-on benefits that sports serves you with. Do you have any more second thoughts as to why you should start playing sports? No? Come on! You can now book your courts right away on the PLAYO app and head out with your sports gears.

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