Dark side of sports! When we talk about golf courses, tennis courts, cricket/football fields etc., the athletes we revere are the ones who are ranked amongst the most competitive on the planet.

When pro-level boxers prepare for big bouts, they endure dozens of hits, absorb endless punches and do whatever they can to remain undefeated.

These stars’ relentlessness while executing feat after feat of physicality is nothing short of exceptional. However, some of these popular heroes couldn’t resist the lesser spoken monetary world of sports and became a lucrative loot. Let’s tell you about some sports legends who fell for such lesser spoken activities.

Floyd Mayweather

Hailing from Las Vegas, Mayweather couldn’t stay far for long. It was later reported by the ESPN that he had, in fact, attempted to bet $ 400,000 on himself hours before that fight. However, the Vegas’ M Resort refused to take that bet in the fear that it would be illegal.

While it may be okay for someone like Floyd Mayweather to risk and lose that kind of money, regular operators should always make use of the best blackjack strategies and tips to get a good return.

Wayne Rooney

The former Manchester United and Everton legend and current DC United player Wayne Rooney serves as an inspiration for athletes who want to lead the exciting life! It was reported in 2017 that he lost a whopping £500,000 within a matter of 2 hours.

A source later reported that he took his losses pretty badly just like anyone, as he was seen constantly cursing under his breath and was miserable in his own world, throughout.

Some of the other popular athletes who are known for such love include Michael Jordan, Alex Rodriquez, Mario Balotelli, John Daly and Charles Barkley.

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