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Are you new to playing Badminton? Which racket should you opt for, heavy or light? 

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Badminton is the sport that people of all ages love to play. Also, the sport has gained a lot of popularity during recent times. If you are considering badminton seriously then you must be pretty confused about the kind of racket to buy.

Here are few advantages of lightweight rackets:

  1. Control: It is easy to handle lightweight badminton rackets as you do not need more power to lift the racket for hitting smashes and deciding the direction of the racket. Zimbio

    2. Lower risk of Injury: Lighter rackets ensure that you do not need much power to lift the racket or the speed of stroking will be faster. They do not trouble your hands and wrists.


    3. Quick shots: The racket isn’t difficult to lift and you can easily put your smashing thoughts into action. Lightweight rackets do not strain your muscles either!

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    4. Easy to learn: With lightweight badminton rackets, it is easy for a beginner to learn the basics of the sport. Learning the tips and tricks are simpler with lightweight rackets than heavier ones.

Ideally, the preferred weight lightweight rackets are 85-90gm but there are few rackets that can weight up to 60gm too. Before buying the racket, it is advisable to try it out.

If you are a beginner who is comfortable with heavyweight badminton rackets then consider doing proper upper body workout before the match. Conversely, the amount of power that can be generated depends on the layer than the racket he chooses to play with.

Internationally acclaimed players have their own preferences when it comes to rackets and they definitely do not depend on the weight of the racket for those amazing smashes!

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