Tennis: Safe Ways To Be More Aggressive

In a racket sport game like Get Ready To Compete In Tennis, you are either aggressive or you are on the defensive. Some people choose one of the two that they are good at and stick to being either offensive or defensive player. 

In order to be more offensive, players tend to get aggressive in an impatient manner which can lead to them making mistakes rather than getting winners.

But being aggressive at the appropriate time can prove to be very useful. Playing aggressive can be safe too when done at the right time.

There are a few ways of achieving this. They are:

#1. Hitting more topspins:

When you hit a topspin you are hitting the shot with a good clearance margin and you are also sending back a really good shot back to the opponent. It is a slightly harder shot to execute and there is a level of risk involved. If executed correctly, the ball that has left your racket at a certain speed will reach your opponent quicker than those that you would at the same speed in a flat manner. Topspin shots are more likely to bounce at a height that is above your opponent’s comfort zone.

#2. Catching balls earlier that are on the rise:

When the ball is falling from the peak of its bounce, it is better that you go towards the ball as quick as possible and it is before it comes up from its bounce. This is a great safe way to be more aggressive. This way you will get a better shot and you will be able to hit sharper angles.

#3. Get to the net quicker for easy shots:

Here being aggressive in a way of anticipating when your opponent will hit a floater easier for you to capitalise on it and you will be amazed at the number of chances you get to move in and hit a volley or overhead shot. If you have made your opponent chase the ball by hitting a really good, deep lob then the next step is for you to advance to the net and take advantage. This will force your opponent to play a more difficult shot which would be riskier for her/him

#4. Serve and Volleys should be mixed:

Serve and volley is not for everyone. Even from the most elite players, only a few are very competent to achieve this. Even if you’re a decent volleyer, the floaters will be an easy shot for you to take. This way one doesn’t need to come in on every point. Letting your opponent get away with floating back high return of your serve is as good as you letting the receiver make your service a blunt one.


Being aggressive in Tennis does not mean being rash and in a hurry. It means taking charge and dominating when you get the chance to.

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Nidhi Patel